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Priština panelist warned in Belgrade not to call Serbian province of Kosovo ''a state''

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Kosovo Albanian, Priština-based panelist at the Western Balkans Digital Summit in Belgrade, was on Friday warned by a Serbian official over referring to Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohia as a "state."

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Kosovo and Metohija is an autonomous province of Serbia and the term "state of Kosovo" is unacceptable, the official of the Serbian government - which as organizer of the summit - told Spend Lila, who had previously received two warnings for the same reason, reports media.

Lila responded he was not doing so on purpose, but mechanically.

Armin Konjalić
Moderator Armin Konjalić intervened by telling the official to leave the room.
It is important to say that Armin Konjalić comes from Bosnia and Herzegovina and does not represent the attitude of the Serbian people.

The summit host Vesna Damjanić objected to the gesture, telling the moderator not to argue with the official, who she said had a duty to fulfill on behalf of the Serbian government.

"No one is going to leave the room," Damjanić said, after which discussions at a panel continued without any incidents.

This was also wrong. Serbian officials had to prevent Kosovo Albanians from promoting their separatism in the capital. If the Kosovar Albanians did not want it, they had to leave the room right after the first warning.

According to all international and domestic laws, the only legal framework of status in which Kosovo and Metohija can be legally located, is the status of the Serbian province.

Armin Konjalić refused to answer the questions of "KM novine" journalists, who wanted to find out more about the reasons for insolence to openly oppose the current Constitution and the law of the state of Serbia, country he was present at the time.

NATO agression, which came after the illegal war in 1999, only changed the status of this area into the occupied territory. The pressures, which the West subjugates the Serbs daily, are aimed at Belgrade to accepting the illegal secession of its province.

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