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”KLA, ISIS, … what’s the difference?”

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The notorious  Kosovo Albanian jihadist, Lavdrim Mudzaheri ( Albanian: Lavdrim Muhaxheri) from Kacanik was killed in a car bomb explosion in the Iraqi town of Tel Afar, about fifty kilometres from Mosul,  Kurdish media reported. Mudzaheri was on the US list of most wanted terrorists.
Lavdrim Mudzaheri

“The convoy of six vehicles was on its way to Khalid army base when it was hit by two bombs near Ayn Jahish,” a source within Mosul informed Kurdish news outlet Rudaw.
Lavdrim Mudzaheri ( Albanian: Lavdrim Muhaxheri)  beheading a Syrian teenager

”ERBIL, Kurdistan Region—An Islamic State (ISIS) frontline commander was killed in a roadside bomb that targeted his convoy outside Mosul Sunday evening, a source inside the city said.
The source said Abu Abdullah Kosovoi, an Albanian Kosovar was killed three kilometres from the Tal Afar airport when two bombs hit his convoy.
“The convoy of six vehicles was on its way to Khalid army base when it was hit by two bombs near Ayn Jahish,” he said.
The source said that members of the Mosul Brigades—a local resistant group—set fire to three vehicles that survived the bombing.
Abu Abdullah was said to be ISIS’s frontline commander in Iraq.
According to Ismat Rajab, a Kurdish official in the area, Mosul Brigades fighters also killed two ISIS militants in a targeted attack near Bartala Sunday evening.”   – end quote 
That was the second time for the Kurdish sources to announce Mudzaheri’s death. Mudzaheri, also known under the name of Abu Abdullah Kosova, has been in the centre of global attention when in late July 2015. posted via Facebook photos of himself cutting off the head of a teenager hostage in Syria.
According to the Kurdish sources, Muhaxheri died of the wounds sustained in clashes with Kurdish defence forces, Albanian language media in Pristina have said.
The 24-year-old from the town of Kacanik in Kosovo first “joined Jihad” in Syria and committed brutal crimes there. In late July he posted photos on Facebook showing him holding a Syrian teenager, preparing to decapitate him with a knife, and then holding the severed head in his hands, posing in front of the camera.
In an interview published by the Tirana daily Ditari on August 2, he stated that he “did nothing more than what members of the KLA did during the war (in Kosovo).”
ISIS, KLA – what’s the difference? : Albanians have been experienced in cutting off Serbian heads –  Kosovo 1998 – 1999: Middle: Sadik Cuflaj, Albanian from Decani, by USA, Turkey and Germany trained terrorist; The photo on the right: Valon Cuflaj, son of Sadik, born in 1981.On the left: unidentified Albanian terrorists. The head in Sadik’s left hand is identified as Bojan Cvetkovic, born in 1972. in NIs, kidnapped on the road Prizren – Pristina on 11. April 1999.
(Valon Culaj is today member of the police force in Kosovo. Neither he nor his father has ever been under any investigation)

24 years old murderer from Kacanik, Muhadzeri was one of the key players in the mobilization of Albanians for anti-Asad war in Syria.
However, another Albanian from Kosovo, Blerim Heta became the first Albanian suicide bomber, after the car bombing in Baghdad, where he killed thirty people.
At the same time, Muhadzeri was one of the first fighters who went to Syria and is considered to be one of the leaders of the Albanian Mujahideen in Syria and Iraq.

Source: http://www.blic.rs/Vesti/Svet/517529/MONSTRUM-IZ-KACANIKA-Najpoznatiji-balkanski-dzihadista-navodno-ubijen-u-Iraku?ref=fbblic

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