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The people's freedom will never be the same as before the COVID-19

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Did the pandemic really occupy the whole World or it is just a mere excuse in the global game which serves the powerful ones to make a critical move towards establishing a New world order?

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This will be furtherly discussed by Predrag Jaksic, a film maker but also the originator of the cryptoreality theory, with which one can explain the current state of affairs. He will speak to KM Novine.

“ Cryptoreality shows are media content based on events from the reality, which, on the other hand, can't be called real ones in that cryptoreality media processing because they are being placed in a completely different context or a whole event is being created for the sake of the media delusion.“, Jaksic explained previously.

Primary function of these programs is a diversion from things which are essentialy important for our lives. In that way publicity becomes passivized and creates a fake impression of being included or to have a certain impact on everyday events.


KM : As the originator of the cryptoreality theory, what is your opinion about the global campaign of “informing“ citizens about the COVID-19?

P. Jaksic: It is obvious that we are eyewitnesses of the global cryptoreality being run, most probably in its secondary aspect when a serious situation – it is disease ( virus), without any further discussion about that since many things are still unknown – is put in a fictional context. Realising that, also the global campaign is just like that. It is using the fictional context as a fuel – the context of the “global danger which mankind has never seen before“. Both political and intelectual elites and the majority of media are implementing this campaign by causing a panic, spreading fear, producing a hatred among people and not telling answers on random questions of “apostates“ and “ fugitives“ from the elite and rare establishment representatives who are (still) inspired by the truth. The aim is to establish “a new solidarity“ which will not be established on the principles of empathy and commitment of a man to a man, but on a balance of fear, panic, ignorance and hatred. We see that this cryptoreality is run completely under the framework I mentioned before, though I admit that I was very disappointed by the large response of the “players “ and the poor response of the ones who are trying to show the actual nature of the campaign. Besides the undoubtful players, there is an extraordinary number of useful idiots – among which are ones who are unimaginable to be – , who are fueling the pandemic ember with their “expert knowledge“. But even this is not an essential surprise. If we look at some big media, especially in Serbia, we can watch this campaign in the same way as a reality program, with all notifications about movements in a terms of the cryptoreality but with the addition of reminder what are “rights, responsibilities and possibilities“ of us as cryptoreality's viewers.

We know everything anytime, via reports, constant TV messages, breaking news, etc. about the number of sick ones, tested ones, dead ones, about their age; where the trouble spots are, how many arrested and sentenced ones there are; what they are punished for and so on. On the other hand, contact phone numbers and e-mails are given, which we can use not only if we want to contact doctors if symptoms are present but also if we want to report anything and anybody, so the responsible “crisis centers“ can do something about it or not – we and reality viewers can do nothing about that. Finally, we witness everyday speeches of the Big Brother and its “little brothers“ who give new tasks to all of us, so we as viewers become participants (completely or partially) but also players with certain “mini-roles“. Everything that the Big Brother said will be implemented on us (no matter whether we want it or not, no matter whether we watch the Big Brother or not), sometimes even retroactively or before an announcement of it in “the Official Journal“. This is as in every other regular reality show in which the will of “inmates“ or “cooperatives“ won't mean anything. In the pause of all our new responsibilities, we are always in possibility to watch some of those regular reality-show programs on TV because they are never susceptible to a virus or a disease, of course, but rather “a cure“ – spiritual and mental cure of the new solidarity.

KM : We saw that the world's greatest players are present. Did you also find it weird that the WHO announced a global pandemic pretty quickly?

P. Jaksic : If we think reasonably, the speed of the global pandemic announcement is weird, indeed. But if we consider the way the WHO acted in the past, we can see that it is the same framework. The thing which makes this pandemic special is the complete reconsiliation of the world political circles with this decision of the WHO, because of which we have the massive and global violation of human rights. 
Christine Lagarde
From the other hand, if we remember that the CEO of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, sent the secret memorandum to the world's significant statesmen in 2018. She stated this sentence : “Old people live too long and that represents a risk to the global economy. We have to do something about that as soon as possible.“ – however she never ended up in the courthouse because of this. This decision of the WHO perfectly makes sense and is compatible with “the will“ of all other global players, among which IMF is one of most significant ones and is expected to have a key role in “postpandemic recovery“ of the humankind.

Still, if we look at the world structures and authorities we are talking about, whether it be globally or about puppet government structures here, on Balkans – I will mention just several of them : American Administration (any), Chinese repressive apparatus with its Communist Party, the Foreign Office and the British royal family, Macron – Rotschild's ex banker, Merkel, Italian authorities ( whichever because the corruption and criminal history of the people who rule Italy lasts indefinitely), Pope Francis, profascist regime of Milo Djukanovic, terrorists in separatist quasi-institutions in Kosovo etc.. – this decision is absolutely not weird. Inspecting these “authorities“, one can ask a question : “Who can actually believe that these people's primary interest is population's health and life?

KM : So, do you think that this is a cover for some other things they can do without attracting much attention?

P. Jaksic : The main purpose of the cryptoreality shows is diversion. We see that there are many different hypothesized scenarios which show what the main purpose is. The thing I noticed is that all these scenarios, no matter how different they are at the first sight, can be observed as compatible ones because they basically don't exclude each other. They start from the establishment of the first formal forms of some kind of “the World government“, as suggested by a former prime minister of the Great Britain; then a new biological weapon tests; crahing the artificially maintained economic system of the West, which was about to collapse anyway so this pandemic came as a good excuse for the additional senseless printing of money without any valuable cover; then establishing the greatest and most severe experiment of population disciplining ever and observing limits of possible dictatorship without any resistance; final solution of the migrants' status; preparation for the great depopulation; change, meaning
more severe relations towards so-called Third world, which will contribute in desctruction of the already-destructed-enough nations, primarily in Africa and Asia; establishing of the military ring around Russia, which represent the final step towards entering a war against them; possible crash of the EU in favor of a new domination of the only “savior“ of Europe, which is the USA; unhindered establishing of the 5G network – dangerous for people's health – which will make unimaginable ways of population's control possible; people chipping; disabling the cash in a certain moment in the future and even to complete  aborting the liturgy, Christianity destruction attempt and establishing the order described in the Book of revelation by John. In this moment, we surely can not know what is the general plan of this cryptoreality show or is anything I said real or not, but we surely see many individual things which happen worldwide and they shouldn't happen considering this “deadly virus“ and that plans for “saving“ the humankind made by an unofficial World government are lasting. If you have the greatest military exercise in the NATO pact history and an immense military possession of the Europe by the USA in a moment of borders lockdown and “quarantining“ the people, it is clear that it is about something it shouldn't be happening. Simultaneously, Macedonia's joining the NATO pact is in the process. Why is this happening right now? Don't forget that the referendum “issue“ about the name and organization of Macedonia was directly linked not just with the NATO pact but also with the access to the EU. This decision now basically reduced that referendum issue to two things which always attracted the West : Macedonia's giving up its unitarity by including disturbing federative Albanian factor –  which is a political occupation of Macedonia, and accessing the NATO pact – a military occupation of Macedonia.

The question of the EU will never be solved. It will be a delusion before Macedonians – the same will be applied for Serbians. From the other hand, we have a Milo Djukanovic's fascist battle against Serbians from Montenegro, which is fiercer than ever during this pandemic and it goes even to a complete prohibition of worship, priests arresting and similar, which is noted only during worst crimes against the church in Montenegro just after the World War II. During the curfew in Serbia, migrants are tried to be deployed without any decision of the local self-governments, even though it would be a major security risk considering the “deadly“ virus. Still, the European Union is assigning a new middleman in negotiations between Serbia and separatists from Kosovo at exactly this moment? Why now? Who would ask who is that middleman, Miroslav Lajcak, in the situation of the “deadly“ virus? Additionally, he is from the country which didn't recognize Kosovo's independence. It is ideal, isn't it? Anybody who even slightly remembers knows that the decision for middleman to be Miroslav Lajcak would be the same as the middleman was Haradinaj, Taci or Kurti themselves. Not to mention the precedent of all precedents and unconstitutional suspension of the work of the National Assembly of Republic of Serbia and transfer of the whole legislative power into possession of the executive power, although this doesn't happen even in countries which are hit far more severely by this “deadly“ virus than Serbia, including our closest neighboring countries. There are many “weird“ events such as the mentioned one in the region and worldwide, but that's why cryptoreality shows exist – so that every player can clear its own yard from unpleasant things which cause disturbance in householding, and players will know how to return that favor to whoever needs it. It seems that the carte blanche is got for all domestic ops. What is the big, main operation is about to be seen. I don't doubt that “life-giving vaccine“ will be invented in a certain moment in the future and the people's right to make decisions about their body will be reduced then. The real question is : Would anyone have right not to take that vaccine? Forceful vaccination should not be accepted by the people who cling to the freedom, dignity and honor.

KM : Yes, we should not accept any forceful act, especially vaccination, and it is really important to discuss that. Did you notice certain movements in the society, appearances etc. (besides the mentioned ones) which haven't been discussed publicly? Which are the most important ones, both in our country and worldwide?

P. Jaksic : If we put behind frightening increasing of the abuse of power, both country-level power and the small power (the regular man's power), two main movements are very visible. There are a lot more of them, but it seems to me that these two are the most important ones. The first movement is the general limitation and denial of the human rights and the second one is the global controlled relativization, which is one of the most important mechanisms of the cryptoreality shows. The first movement is primarily manifested in the mechanism of the social division between the people who are ready (no matter why) for any limitation and the people who don't accept it. This represents a “highway“ for all those “tiny“ divisions made by governing elite, which can be seen in Serbia. From the very beginning of the "pandemic campaign" here, there is an official division into people according to age criterion (age discrimination), tentatively to pensioners and everyone else, then to "risk groups" and those others, then to " virus-suspected " and others. Then to people who found themselves abroad and to everyone else, then within those who found themselves abroad to those who are students ("our children") and to others (I guess not ours and not children), then from these "others" from abroad to "guest workers" and those who are "irresponsible tourists" and then the division between those in power who have open access to permissions and those who fall under curfews, quarantine, isolation, two meters distance, masks and gloves. And within all these "non-ruling" and without permissions, they are divided into "fundamentalist Orthodox", "crazy communicants" and all others, even to those who respect everything they are told and wear gloves and masks and those who are trying to be heroes, then to those who have pets and those who do not have them, to the "undisciplined Belgraders" and others who suffer because of them, etc. By creating such divisions, it is possible, without any serious impediment, to enforce the widest possible restrictions and suspensions of human rights. When a man sees an enemy in another man, he will not see the country as an enemy that chases him because its boot is "far away".

The second movement is even more significant and it is possible only in the situation when the first one is realized and when the society is divided on many grounds, and therefore these divisions can be exploited by human rights restrictions. That is, whatever is being asked now, and outside the main paradigm of the "deadly virus", that question is put aside as irrelevant "at the moment" and with that famous statement - "why is it so important to you (now) ". Of course, that relativization is controlled and relativized only by what is outside the main paradigm and, more importantly, beyond the real goals of cryptoriality, whether they are global or local. Let's just mention the statement by the President of Serbia that Kosovo is not important to him at this moment. It is a perfect example of controlled relativization. I'm not saying here, of course, whether and how much Kosovo has ever been important to him, but only what was publicly uttered by an official representative of our country. 

Two more phenomena are quite noticeable in this kind of atmosphere. Considering that cryptoreality show has been unprecedented in recent history, a significant occurrence is the "local" multiplication of cryptoreality shows within the great cryptoreality show, which I have already discussed, as well as the falsification of false narratives that are only seemingly narratives that speak against this global "pandemic" campaigns. Needless to say, the “aesthetic packaging” of both of these major social movements (and not just them) is implementing through the spreading of moral panic and thus subconscious hatred. It is the modus operandi of the media that drives this cryptoreality show. I would therefore like to emphasize the great importance of truly rare individuals who point to the danger of falling under the brunt of such a moral panic. Of course, the various individual decisions of the governments of particular countries are particularly striking. For me, the most drastic examples are the complete prohibition on the movement of certain categories of people - healthy people, who are almost put them in the level of the people sentenced to imprisonment or of the people who are incapable of doing any job, to whom the right to make decisions about their life is taken away, and that incredible ban - the ban on worship, for example, in Montenegro or Germany. People who are not believers can hardly understand what this prohibition means. It is also difficult to explain to someone who does not follow the principles. If I somehow had to compare it to something profane, this ban is just like forbidding someone to take food and water, to breathe, to visit a doctor. There is no life without Jesus Christ for the believers. It is grossly violated not only the right to religion but many, many most basic human rights, and above all the right to life by implementing such a ban. But in a situation where principles are not respected, and we know that without principles there is neither democracy nor freedom, why would life be respected. Also life is, of course, a principle.

KM : Then this seems to lead us into the justifiable assumption that this situation brings us into a new global "house rule". Do you think this epidemic will cause such changes and what the world might look like?

P. Jaksic : As after any state of emergency or similar period, these consequences will be felt in society for a long time, so long that people will forget that they are consequences and will accept it as something normal. Human rights restrictions, which we see around the world as something normal "in these life-threatening emergencies," will, to some extent, never be restored to the degree they had been before their limitations, and these restrictions will remain as regular. These restrictions, of course, will no longer be interpreted as restrictions, but rather as, say, a "new human right to a greater security." To me, a good example of this is Scandinavia, which is still perceived in the minds of people as a land of prosperity and the rule of law. The whole group of these countries is one of the most restrictive areas for life due to the long-term, gradual and continuous restriction of human rights. The reign of terror of statal and parastatal institutions and services is at the level of the action of some of the famous Utopian / dystopian SF novels. In these countries , there is no longer a significant number of people living outside the paradigm of institutional truth - in other words, living using their critical consciousness as one of the greatest gifts given to a human being. Also, we will have another completely different official experience of reality for a long time, and a reminder to people that we have "barely saved our lives", so that nothing that appears in their lives will be worth the annoyance and worry, which will make it even rarer and weaker than so far, to review the actions of sovereigns, 'experts' and the establishment in general. In the first period, I am sure, a "great valve" would be released in order to "glorify life" through the various stupidest and most insane manifestations of human existence. Mere thinking about what all those idiocies will be like is giving me goosebumps.

Predrag Jaksic

Consequences for the immediate lives of people in terms of their communication will also be shown. It will be difficult to meet on the street with local politicians and powerful, gendarmes, judges, people with a permission, with all those people with small power who used this period without rule of law to show added irresponsibility and insensitivity to the true needs of their fellow citizens. I don't know how it will work. I suppose another invisible barrier will be added between people to make it as functional as possible to live. However, as the main mantras of this crazy campaign - "Self-isolation" and "Stay at home", it is logical that this additional alienation of people and their increased (albeit already so strong) focus on the media, on technology, on non-life, on false life - it is logical that man's reliance on man will be further weakened. The question is how many people will really seek the meaning or, as Viktor Frankl puts it, agree to one of two behaviors: they will behave the way others behave, which is conformism, or they will behave as others ask them to do, and what is totalitarianism.

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