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MRKONJIC GRAD – For over two decades Western racists hide the massacre of Serbs

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In the chapel of St. Mark, wreaths are laid at the Memorial plaque at mass graves discovered in the Orthodox cemetery in Mrkonjić Grad, discovered two and a half decades ago.

By: Grey Carter

Decades have passed since the opening of mass graves where 181 victims, Serbian nationals,  were found. They were murdered during aggression of joint Croatian and Bosnian Muslim terrorist forces, organized in the Fifth Corps of the so-called. Army of BiH on 13 Western Krajina municipalities of the Republic of Srpska in September and October 1995.

Croats and Islamists (traditional allies) have expelled more than 120,000 Serbs, destroying their homes to the ground. 

Once the Republic of Srpska regained the area of Mrkonjic Grad,  the largest mass grave was discovered at the Orthodox cemetery; where 81 civilians, including ten women, 97 members of the Army of the Republic of Srpska and three members of the police have been exhumed. The oldest victim was 90 years old and the youngest only seven.

In Mrkonjic Grad area,  in several other tombs found in this municipality,  176 bodies more were discovered, and the results of the autopsy ( executed by prominent  Belgrade pathologist Zoran Stankovic)  shows that all the persons were tortured, massacred, suffered great pains before they died.

The excavation of mass grave in Mrkonjic Grad, Serbian Orthodox cemetery started on 1. April 1996: 181 massacred, mutilated corpses as a testimony of Croatian and Bosnian Muslim monstrous fanaticism.

The ceremony of laying wreaths at the memorial mass grave and memorial service in the chapel at the cemetery were attended by the Minister of Labor and Veteran organization of  Republic of Srpska  Milenko Savanovic, who pointed out that the fact that even after 20 years, no one has been neither accused nor held  responsible for these crimes, clearly exposes hat the Hague tribunal and Prosecution of BiH are just political institutions  established and committed to prosecute and judge Serbs only.

Forensic expert Slobodan Radulj says the mass grave was discovered in two hundred meters long pits in which the corpses were wrapped in nylon bags and lined up like sardines in cans.

–  The condition of the victims, missing body parts indicates that they were subject to incredible torture;   we discovered burned body parts, as well as clothes and footwear.

They found the gas burner, barbed wire around the victims,  bullets and infantry weapons – Radulj said.

Families of the victims were bitter because, despite all the evidence, they are still waiting for justice.

Zdravko Karać, the man who found remains of his brother, says that according to the remains, there were the remains of  Serbs who were tortured, mutilated and massacred before they died.

– It was terrible. It was a massacre because the bodies were mutilated. The victims were brutally tortured in various ways – said Karać.


At a press conference for foreign and domestic reporters held in Pale, Zoran Stankovic M.D. – pathologist of the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade – who investigated 30 mass graves in Bosnia with his forensics team, revealed that 181 bodies have been exhumed at the Orthodox graveyard in Mrkonjic Grad. The head wounds found on 102 victims, appear to be the same as those observed on victims in Mostar, Kupres Valley and River Sava Valley, and according to doctor Stankovic, this indicates a characteristic treatment of the prisoners by the Croats. The same forensics expert drew a parallel with the report on Croatian and Moslem crimes against Serbs during WW I [World War One!!!] by Dr Archibald Reiss and similar reports on crimes committed during WW II. He remarked that the methods of killing remained the same, and offered the example of the Croatian Army colonel Boris Zdilar, who stated in an interview for Croatian Television that the victims in Mrkonjic Grad were members of the Serb Army (VRS) and that they were killed in action, whilst the investigation revealed that the victims were 60, 70 and even 80 years old. Mr John Gerns – an expert of the Hague Tribunal that monitored the exhumation of the mass graves in Mrkonjic Grad, confirmed Dr Stankovic’s findings and stated that the Hague Tribunal will base its investigation on them.

Even though they try to alert the public in order to force the Prosecution to finally start the process,  like usually when the Serbs were victims –  nothing happened for decades.

The Prosecution of BiH stated that they ‘work on the “Mrkonjić Grad” case’, and that the investigation is in its final stage, but they refused to talk about specific names of Croatian and Bosnian Muslim generals and soldiers, nor whether some of them is on the Wanted list.


The international observers who were present at the exhumation of the victims from the mass graves in Mrkonjic Grad, confirm that these are the largest mass graves discovered so far in Bosnia, Reuters reports. Serbs knew that the area of Mrkonjic Grad was burnt-down and plundered during the offensive of the Croat forces, but no one was ready to face what has actually been discovered. The experts have found 181 bodies in the shallow graves. Croats, who have conquered this town in their offensive of October last, claim that they have buried some Serbian soldiers, but the autopsy finds, however, are raising serious doubts as to such claims, states Reuters. From the exhumated victims, 102 are having serious scull injuries, four are beheaded and 11 are the bodies of old and middle-aged women. The Hague Tribunal for War Crimes says that body will examine the documentation submitted to it by the Serbian authorities, demanding for the proceedings to be instigated on the grounds of Croat crimes committed in the area of Mrkonjic Grad.
Until now, twenty years later, nothing has been done.

Memories of beloved ones

– God forbid anyone and save from the tragedy that befell my family when the Croatian army killed my brother Dusko, cousins Petar and Milorad – said 40-year-old Petar Mitrić from Mrkonjic Grad.  The Mitrić brothers – Petar and Milorad, massacred in October 1995, were exhumed on 2 April 1996 and Dusko’s body only a day later in a mass grave at the Orthodox cemetery in Mrkonjić Grad.
In Croatian (the very first post WW II resurrected Nazi state to the smallest detail was Croatia, after their illegal secession of Yugoslavia 1991)  and Bosnian Muslim (whose leader Alija Izetbegovic, the author of  ‘Islamska deklaracija’  – Islamist Mein Kampf, and who was jailed for his extremism during Tito era) so in their terror in Western Bosnia the following units participated:

– so-called 4th and 7th Guards Brigade, 1st Croatian Guard regiment, and several detachments and companies of  the so-called HV and HVO commanded by Army ‘generals’:

 – It was terrible. The bodies were mutilated.
The victims were brutally tortured
in various ways.
Ante Gotovina,
Rahim Ademi,
Ljubo Cesic Royce,
Damir Krstičević,
Ivan Korade,
Miljenko Filipović,
and HVO ‘generals’:
Stanko Sopta,
Zlatan Mijo Jelic and
Zeljko Glasnović.

Krstičević later became a general and politician; he also served as Minister of Defense and Deputy Prime Minister of Croatia.

In Western Krajina municipalities – Mrkonjic Grad, Kupres, Glamoc, Grahovo, Drvar, Petrovac, Sanski Most, Kljuc, Jajce, Sipovo, Donji Vakuf and Krupa na Uni, in the autumn of 1995, the Croatian army committed terrible crimes.

According to official data, they killed 2000 civilians and captured soldiers; Croatian and Bosnian Muslims have exterminated more than 120,000 Serbs, destroying all their property and estate.
Despite extensive documentation that was submitted to the Hague Tribunal and the national judiciary – no one has ever held responsible.

In the area of 13 Western Krajina municipalities, there were 1,214 bodies found,  while 420 persons are still noted as the’missing’.

The crimes were committed systematically and methodically, and the aim was to destroy and erase every trace of Serbs and their existence. The commander of the Fifth Corps of the Army of BiH Atif Dudaković was in charge of these operations in which  Serbs were killed and over 300 their settlements – towns and villages, were looted and burned down.

Corpses lined up for identification April 4, lie on the ground after being exhumed from a mass grave containing 181 Bosnian Serb civilians killed in Croat offensive in the central Bosnian town of Mrkonjic Grad

But why didn’t the investigation start, what happened with the Mrkonjic grad case?

The answer could be here:

The true genocidal nature of NATO’s all-out attack on the Serbian people at the end of the 20th century can easily be seen in the example of the bloody orgy perpetrated on the captured Serbs in the small Bosnian Serb town of Mrkonjic Grad.

The slaughter happened in the very last two days of 72 (seventy-two) days long NATO performed ethnic cleansing, of  Serbs. from the Western p

Continued plunder

CNN report dated: December 2, 1995
Web posted at 11:45 p.m. EST (0445 GMT) QUOTE:

GORNJI VAKUF, Bosnia (CNN) – Bosnian Croat militia forces ransacked and torched houses in areas scheduled to return to the Serbs despite earlier assurances by their leaders that the destruction would stop, the United Nations said Saturday.An entire village was burnt to the ground near the town of Mrkonjic Grad. The town was pillaged earlier this week by Croat forces enraged that the Serbs had won back the region under the Dayton, Ohio, peace accord.
U.N. spokesperson Chris Vernon said 20 buildings were burning in the region of Sipovo at the time when the Bosnian Croat militia had deployed additional troops in the sector.
U.N. personnel said they saw other fires across the area. Some occurred while Bosnian Croat soldiers watched, belying claims of official disapproval, U.N. personnel said.
After the local Bosnian Coat militia denied they were trying to raze the area and promised to rein in “rogue” elements [sic], the burning appeared to abate.
The United Nations had assessed Wednesday that the Bosnian Croats were more interested in systematically looting the area than in burning property.
“The fact we’re seeing (militia) soldiers stand by watching the fires burning is not consistent with attempts to halt the blazes,” said Alun Roberts, a U.N. spokesperson. “As time goes by the pledges of increased security seem more and more feeble.”
The United Nations also complained that British reconnaissance units were being kept out of Mrkonjic Grad and other restrictions were being placed on their movement.
“They (the [Croat] militia) are very nervous [sic!] of the U.N. moving around,” Roberts said.

Note that anti-Serb CNN gave all kinds of excuses to Croats while not mentioning that the Serbs handed over the areas they held – without a problem. Again, see the case of Odzak for example. The Serbs were forced by the Dayton “agreement” to give away some strategic key areas like most of “Northern Corridor” a corridor to Gorazde, all the possessions in Sarajevo, etc.
The raw military force NATO unleashed, and horror it produced, was of a kind not experienced on the European continent since the time of Hitler.

The wide sweep of Serb-cleansing started with NATO aeroplane attack on Serbian command centres in Krajina on August 2, 1995. The air assault was to provide cover for the American proxies on the ground – the new Croat Nazis. America not only trained and equipped Croat forces – they planned this genocide in detail. Croats did not even have to come up with the name of the operation. It will be known in history as operation “Storm” a name borrowed from American original – “Operation Desert Storm.”

”Not a Croat who didn’t drink a litre of Serbian blood” – Ante Pavelic  WWII head of the Independent State of Croatia; Croatian idol.

”Not a Croat who didn’t drink a litre of Serbian blood” – Ante Pavelic  WWII head of the Independent State of Croatia; Croatian idol.

The result of this two and half months long NATO’s relentless bombing, combined with their local proxies’ ground assault, was that huge swats of historically Serbian lands were cleansed of the Serbs. More than half a million Serbs from Western areas lost their houses and the lands they inherited from father to son – over centuries.
These people lost everything they ever owned.

By October 12, 1995, when the hostilities against the Serbian people (at least temporarily) ended, the Serbs suffered by far largest ethnic cleansing in their entire, long and sore history. The carnage will continue with expulsion of Sarajevo and then Kosovo Serbs.

Centuries long merciless rule of the Turkish Empire, all-out attack on the Serbian people by the Austro-Hungarian Empire during World War One, mass-slaughter of the Serbian people by their Croat, Muslim and Albanian neighbors during the times of Hitler and Mussolini – all of this was surpassed by America and its Western European club of ex-colonial, genocidal nations.

There is no need to elaborate on this statement. Whoever knows even the most basic history of this world knows quite well who the oppressor nations of this planet are. Germans, Turks, Americans, Brits, Dutch and French but even little Belgium have a long list of atrocities they committed over countless peoples of this planet. They murdered and pillaged far and wide – across the globe. And they glorified and justified it all. Despite everything, they were always right. Despite everything they always saw themselves as people of higher culture and higher moral values.

They grabbed whole continents and far way islands – and every piece of dirt sticking out of the water. At the same time, they were the same ones who blamed Bosnia and Krajina Serbs for “land-grab” and now even of the “war crime”.


The proof to the genocidal nature of the Western onslaught on the Serbian people lies in the fact that the Serbs were denied their inborn right to simply – exist!

When the Serbs simply dared defend their very existence in Krajina and Bosnia they were called aggressors, land-grabbers even conquerors. All the Serbian leaders – anyone of importance – whether in the realm of politics or military were declared a “war criminal.” They were dragged to the Hague dungeons or simply murdered on the street in front of their family.

It is undeniable that what happened in Mrkonjic Grad was a true war crime. It is also undeniable that the Western powers carry full responsibility for it. It is they who provided aeroplanes, tanks and howitzers which enabled Croat knives to finish the job.

Let me repeat here that NATO openly took a side in Bosnia’s civil war and became aviation for Croat Nazis and pro-Al Qaeda Bosnian Muslim forces. It is frequently overlooked though that NATO also employed “Rapid Reaction Force.” This force consisted of tanks and artillery which provided ground support for the proxies.

They were merciless too. Mr Tika Jankovic, a Serb who lives for a couple of decades in California reported the following:

“In May 1998 I visited Mrkonjic Grad in Republika Srpska. A regiment of English SFOR troops was based in the area. Earlier, in October, 1995, the British had bombarded Mrkonjic Grad for 24 hours, dropping 10,000 shells on a city of some 30,000 people, mainly Serbs… These were the same howitzers they used in supporting their Croat-Nazi ally when they cleansed Knin the capital of Serbian Krajina. On the Serbian population they even tested 400 mm cannons built for the ships. A month before the attack NATO’s pilotless airplanes were filming the area studying every square foot. This was clearly a NATO operation targeting a Serbian town in preparation to cleanse it of its Serb population.I talked to witnesses from Mrkonjic Grad. English SFOR troops was shelling the town for full three days: October 8, 9 and 10. It was close to impossible to escape the shelling and Croat troops encirclement. Some people – women and children included – were able to escape the encirclement at the last moment, but the Croat troops broke through. The escaping Serb civilians were hunted down, brought to the Serb cemetery in Mrkonjic Grad and then tortured there – for days. Slow death was to be their destiny.
What kind of ammunition did the English troops use is also clear now. I spoke to several residents who worked at the British NATO base. They told me that the British commander had issued warnings to the troops not to drink the water or touch the soil or purchase food produced by local farmers for fear of DU and other contamination from their bombing and spraying.
NATO troops left the town in Croat hands for a few months after the war ended. They used the time to carefully study the destructive effects of their shelling.”

In Mrkonjic grad, Croat Nazis (Ustashas) are back:
Whole families – burned to death

Wednesday, April 10, 1996

Yesterday, in the village of Suvjan, close to Mrkonjic Grad, eight civilian victims were identified, mostly old people. Entire Serb families of Grmas, Rozic and Jorganovic were found – burned to death – in the house of [69 years old] Pantelija Grmas.
The victims of this Croat Ustashas’ atrocity perpetrated during their offensive last October, were identified as:
– Pantelija (Stanka) Grmas – woman born in 1926,
– Sava (Jove) Grmas – man born in 1928,
– Branko (Simeuna) Rozic – man born in 1926,
– Nevenka (Stanka) Rozic – woman born in 1932,
– Radojka (Branka) Rozic – woman born in 1961,
– Radojka (Sima) Jorganovic – woman born in 1926,
– Jela (Jova) Jorganovic – woman born in 1934,
– Branko Kudra – man born in 1938

Notice the age of the victims. How would the Western press react if it was Serbs who were found to murder old, helpless people? Would that not be the front page article for the New York Times?

What could be the point of purposely murdering a 90 years old person? Just because the person was born as a Serb? What is the message of such atrocities? And yes – Croat Nazis clearly wanted the leave the message as they left bodies of their victims unburied for everyone to see. The murderers were in the area months after the crime – but did not care to try to hide it.

What is absolutely shocking is this blunt repetition of the horrible history. It is the worst nightmare becoming true. The very same people who somehow survived appalling atrocities of the original Ustashas– during WWII and the time of Hitler, did not manage to survive this time and the second onslaught of revamped Ustashas during the reign of one Bill Clinton!
How appalled would the world be if Germans resumed burning the Jews? Why is the world not appalled when the victims are the Serbs?

Remember the sentence Encyclopedia Britannica repeated for almost two decades?

” … In Bosnia… The Croatian fascists began a massacre of Serbs which, in the whole annals of World War II, was surpassed for savagery only by the mass extermination of Polish Jews.”
(end quote)

There you have the Serbian suffering in Bosnia in the 1940s. Here you have the Serbian suffering in Bosnia in the 1990s.
sources, references:

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