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STOP Vatican's psychopaths - STOP WW III - It Is Not About Corona Virus!

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What's going on behind the media story about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

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While most people in Europe, Asia and USA are occupied with ''surviving corona virus pandemic'' THE USA ARMY IS CONCENTRATING ITS MILITARY FORCES ON RUSSIAN BORDER right now - withdrawn solders from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq... are sent to Germany, Poland, Estonia! ''Defense 2020'' is prepared for the same time that Hitler used for Barbarosa in 1941 - it is summer time 2020!

Russians are angry, but the world is too occupied to see what is happening right now in the East of Europe.

China is Russia best ally - that's why its economy is attacked by ''corona virus'' that was brought to Wuhan in October 2019 when 20 000 USA solders took part on Military games (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_Military_World_Games ).

First, China must be weakened and than Russia can be attacked. It must go quickly because both allies are growing rapidly and becoming every day stronger!

After Napolen tried to rob Russia with the biggest army that world have ever seen (with Italian, Swiss, German, Spanish, French... solders), he finished fleeing as a miserable bandit from Russians' homeland! And, Hitler too, tried to take Russia with almost 5 000 000 men using best army of these times (supported by Ford factories and GoldmanSax Bank; blessed by Pope). But, he lost!

Now, we see that the very same forces that stood behind Napoleon and Hitler want us to attack once again friendly and loving Russians who lost 27 000 000 lives in World Word II - VATICAN'S JESUITS who have no children, no homeland, no love... These sick people want to rule the entire world in a universal way, that is a ''catholic'' way!

Directe tu Russia / By British army

Please, understand, these people and their plans must be stopped, if we want to survive!

It's not about surviving corona virus, but surviving the planned War War III that psychopaths in Vatican want to inflame!

Each one of us must stand up and do what is necessary!

PS - Vatican's ''diplomats'' together with Trump & Hillary before ''elections'':
CIA-Nazi- Connextion:

Vatican's - Nazi Connection:



''Le Monde Diplomatique'': Greatest fake news from end of 20th century - КМ Новине

The document which should have proved that Serbs planned "the ethnic cleansing of Kosovo," was debunked. #Kosovo #Metohia #NATO #Serbia #Bombing #Agression #Lie #Media #FakeNews The 1999 NATO bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia /FRY/, which lasted for 78 days, was fed with media lies with the aim of harmonizing the Western public view with the main countries governments' positions, and the main disseminators of misinformation were the western governments, NATO and the most renowned media outlets, reports Le Monde Diplomatique.


The war that does not end - КМ Новине

More than a decade and a half after the US-NATO - under international law illegal - war aggression against Yugoslavia using highly toxic and radioactive uranium projectiles, the enormity of this war crime becomes clear: In Serbia, aggressive cancer among young and old has reached epidemic proportions.


High rank officer M. CH. exclusively reveals: We were afraid that the Serbian army will penetrate into Albania and will push us into the sea - КМ Новине

Italian high rank officer M. CH. exclusively reveals: We were afraid that the Serbian army will penetrate into Albania and will push us into the sea #Kosovo #Metohija #Srbija #NATO #Agression #ALbanian #Terrorisam We were afraid that the Serbian army will penetrate into Albania and will push us into the Adriatic sea, says Italian high rank officer M.

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