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A driver of the Albanian Bus Company threw out two Kosovo Serb children from a bus in Belgrade

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An Albanian, Ramon Tachi, driver of the "Adio Turs" bus company, the carrier that operates on the Belgrade - Dragash route owned by Kosovo Albanians, kicked out of the bus a girl named Milica Petković (15) and a boy named Dimitrije Rakočević (15), who had planned to leave Belgrade and come back to Gracanica.

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Belgrade bus station

Children bought and booked tickets three days before departure, but when they entered the bus at the Belgrade station in Belgrade, they were told that there was "no place" for them.

The children contacted their parents and explained what happened. Single mom of Milica Petkovic, Ivana, called the driver and he, instead of explaining, told her a series of worst insults and curses.

Ivana Lekic, mother of Milica / p.a.
When Ivana asked "as a mother, what should I do now?" the Albanian driver replied literally: "eat sh*t and go to f*** yourself" confirmed for the "KM novine" the mother of a girl who was kicked out of the bus.

"This is endangering the safety of the children, they are on the street tonight, and the man who is responsible for their safety and whose job this is, cursed me. I am very upset, my child is at the agency "Adio turs" and at the request of the worker is looking for some accommodation in Belgrade. I will report this behavior to the police," said Ivana Petrovic that night for the local radio.

Hamdie Retkocera, also Albanian, the person who was superior to the drivers of the "Adio turs" disclaims any liability continuing with arrogant behavior.

After waiting on the platforms, the children went to the “Adio turs” office. The money was returned to them and the worker with the children wandered around Belgrade hostels until they found some accommodation. The children arrived in Gracanica the next day around 12.30, still visibly disturbed and under stress, says Ivana.

"My children will no longer travel with them, but others need to know what can happen to them," says Ivana for KM novine, adding that she still can not calm down from the stress she suffered.

"Adio turs"

The company "Adio Turs" is owned by Kosovo Albanians and, in addition to Kosovo and Metohija, there are two more representative offices in the central Serbia. This should mean that Serbian passengers are important to this company. Especially because the company carries passengers on a daily basis three times across the whole territory of Serbia. However, they do not ignore their national and religious affiliations in their advertising campaigns not minding whether they would hurt the feelings of non-Albanian passengers. No doubt, Albanian nationalism here obviously prevailed over common sense.

This is not an isolated case. Just over a week ago three Serbian teenage girls went to the next village school hitch hiking. After the war in 1999, in the presence of KFOR, the Albanians expelled all Serbs from towns. Up to date, Serbs have been prevented from returning to cities. Their life has been taking place in the villages for 20 years. It's a real ghetto known as the enclave. The Albanian driver stopped and offered to drive them. However, when they reached the school he refused to stop and continued to drive. The girls begged the driver to stop, but that did not help. Then they started to cry and scream in fear, only then the driver stopped and let them out. Thanks to security cameras, the driver was later arrested. This also happened near Gracanica.

According to the statements of some of the parents this is not a rarity. Albanians from the vehicle often provoke Serbian girls and women, in few cases, they also tried to kidnap them. Parents do not report this to the police or to the media because they do not trust anyone. So far, no crimes against Serbs committed by Albanians have been resolved though 20 years have passed since the official end of the conflict!

A few months ago, Albanians stoned two buses with pilgrims from Belgrade who visited Serbian sanctuaries and monasteries.This happened in Metohija, near the town of Istok whereall the Serbs were expelled, and their estates and houses were usurped. The arrival of Serbs might mean that they want their property back. Therefore, every arrival of the Serbs is perceived as "hostile act". The so-called "Kosovo police" (service fully controlled by Albanians), arrested 11 people of Albanian nationality. On the same day, they were all released to homes within the "regular process". Despite the video, there is no indication that any of the attackers have been punished.


Ivana, the mother of a girl who has experienced violence from an Albanian bus driver is currently in a "more favorable" situation because the case will be reported to the Serbian police. Then she can expect legal satisfaction. But those Serbs who are on the territory controlled by the NATO/Albanians have long ceased to have such expectations. But, as we have already said, it is quite justified.

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