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петак, 18. октобар 2019.

Zoran Vlašković: Nicholas Abbott, a colonial fascist and a murderer of democracy

When Nicholas Abbott, a so called ambassador in Prishtina, is doing the democracy.

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Official photo from a meeting of the so-called "ambassador" with Kurti  (visually intervened for illustrative purposes)

By Zoran Vlašković

An alleged British ambassador of Prishtina and so called independent Kosovo has met the next ''Prime Minister of Kosovo'', Albin Kurti in a cabinet under the Albanian flag-which is nothing else but a sign that Kurti, as a winner of this unprecedented parliamentary election, doesn't recognize Kosovo's independence himself.

Well, that isn't really that strange since Kosovo isn't a state and certanly does not fulfill a single requirement to be one.

What is strange, however, is that British ambassador Nicholas Abbot has sat under the Albanian flag on the territory protected by the UNSCR 1244 with the biggest political primitive of the whole Europe-the same Europe that is supposed to be a patrimony of human rights.

Nicholas Abbott is in Prishtina to spread colonialism, anti-democracy and anti-civilisation.

It's not a surprise that Nicholas Abbott came to Prishtina from a colonial England, a state that has killed tens of millions of people-from Hindus to innocent Africans. He is here to drain the blood of the civilians and hurt both Serbs and Serbia using colonial occupation.

British Concentration Camp in Kenya

Nicholas Abbott was brought to Prishtina by pure fascism. UK has made it's embassy in Prishtina disregarding Helsinki Agreement on the 1st of August 1975. It has not followed any of the OSCE's principles, founded on ten acts of the Helsinki Agreement, nor has it followed Vienna's diplomatic convention from 1961. UK has also disregarded the Badinter Arbitration Commitee-which helped Yugoslavia's fall, as well as the UN Charter, a document of the highest law organization in the world. It has disregarded R-1244 which claims that Kosovo and Metohija are under Serbia's sovereignity.

This type of juristic and physical violence by colonialist murderers of the UK can only be defined as pure fascism.

The Duke of Windsor and the Duchess of Wales with Hitler in the 1930s

All of the world's universities will teach you that:
''Violence, was it juristic or physical, is an institutional tool of fascism's external and internal politics''.

So, Britain has used fascism to put a colonial fascist ambassador in Prishtina, who finds it important to sit under the Albanian flag, the flag that used to have the same two headed black eagles during Hitler's occupation.

British ambassador, and all the other ones came to Prishtina using occupation without a single international document.

Occupation, fascism and colonialism are not and will never be legal-so the occupation of Kosovo can also never be legalized.

Since the dawn of time, everywhere in the world, oppressed people have either pushed their occupators to the wall or made them go away.

author-pic Author: Zoran Vlaskovic

He is a long-term journalist for the Serbian newspaper "Jedinstvo", which was published in Prishtina until 1999. He is the winner of several reporter awards for the best journalist of the year. He is the author of three books on Kosovo and Metohija

Today he is a co-author of many media outlets in Serbia and around the globe where Serbian newspapers are published.

He was born and lives in Kosovska Mitrovica.

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уторак, 17. септембар 2019.

Botsan - Kharchenko: Russia does not prefer division of Kosovo & Metohia, but it would not be a precedent either

Russia's ambassador to Serbia Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko has said that Russia generally does not support division of Kosovo and Metohia (with ilegal Albanian separatists), but that he didn't understand the argument that it would be a European precedent either.

#Russia, #Kosovo #Metohia #Serbia #Ilegal #Albanian #Separatists
Botsan - Kharchenko

In an interview with Belgrade's Politika newspaper, the Russian diplomat said that his country did not support any solution for the Kosovo and Metohia problem in advance.

It is only through lengthy negotiations that a compromise can be reached, while "no scheme designed on the outside and forced into acceptance can create a durable foundation," the Russian ambassador said in the Sept. 15 interview for Politika.

Botsan-Kharchenko said that relations between Belgrade and Moscow "seeing an unprecedented rise."

"Serbia holds an important place in Russia's foreign policy, these are long-term interests," the ambassador said.

He also said that "Serbia is indeed a Russian stronghold, as much as Russia is Serbia's," but it's not "Russia's only stronghold, as Russia is developing relations with other European states, too."

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субота, 31. август 2019.

Chernobyl-2: In accident at the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant, radiation will cover Donbass and the Crimea

Power units at the South Ukrainian nucler power plant, in the Nikolaev region, is on the verge of terrible state of emergency - steam generators of all three units are in a preemergency state, the correspondent «Donbass Today» reports referring to own source at nuclear station.

#Ukrain, #Chernobyl, #Ractor, #Acident, #Radiation, #Donbas #Crimea

Author: Olexiy Ptitsyn

«Emissions of the radioactive water from the reactor circuit to the turbine generator side, and through it - in environment became frequent, - tells a source. - However, instead of prescribed by the procedures in this case decrease of power of nuclear reactors NAEK "Energoatom", on the contrary, considers a possibility of its increase, creating a threat of a large-scale accident, when radioactive contamination may reach the Crimea, DNR and LNR».

Given rise in the 80th

At the South Ukrainian NPP three power units with water-water reactors of the VVER-1000 series, constructed in the 1980, according to the design of JSC OKB Gidropress (Podolsk, the Moscow region), are under operation. In the reactor shop of each power unit there are four steam generators. They consist of thousand of heatexchange tubes for running under a high pressure of the primary side coolant for the purpose of transmission of energy to the secondary side, where steam, not containing radioactive substances, moves to the turbine.

But, over time under the influence of high temperature and pressure, and also of the corresponding chemistry in heatexchange tubes appear defects, leading to their plugging during the planned outages, which is carried out by specialists of the nuclear power plant.

Approach to a big accident

The source notes that the existing regulations allow to use steam generators with 10 % of the plugged tubes without a little considerable loss of power. At the same time, according to the available information, in 2012 management of the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant, without coordination with JSC OKB Gidropress, self-willedally took the decision on possible operation of steam generators with 20 % of plugged heatexchange channels on all three power units. Now the technical state of steam generators considerably worsened, on some steam generators the quantity of the plugged tubes comes nearer to 30 % that is the maximum acceptable indicator.

By estimates of the experts, use of steam generators with 30 % of plugged heatexchange tubes still is possible, but under condition of proportional decrease in thermal reactor power that respectively will lead to reduction of performance of the power plant. However, instead the head division of the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant - NAEK Energoatom corporation considers a question of increase in thermal power of the reactor to 106 % with a view of ensuring the growth of the electric power production: this power plant for 95 % provides with the electric power the Odessa, Nikolaev and Kherson areas.


Poland invited Germany to celebrate the 80 anniversary of the beginning of World War II - КМ Новине

Poland invited Germany to celebrate the 80 anniversary of the beginning of World War II #Germany #Russia #Poland #Serbia #WWll #Mark According to press service of the president of Poland, the republic invited Germany to celebrate the 80 anniversary of the beginning of World War II, but did not invite Russia.

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среда, 10. јул 2019.

Tax Administration of so-called Kosovo was not admitted to IOTA

Serbian Tax Administration had successfully prevented the admission of Kosovo separatists  Tax Administration in Intra-European Organization of Tax Administrations (IOTA)

#IOTA #Tax #Administration #Admition #Kosovo #Metohija #is #Serbia  #KMmnovine #News
Илустрација: КМ Новине

Minister of Finance in Serbian Government Sinisa Mali informed the public about this.

"This is great news for Serbia and yet another confirmation that we succeeded in this way to prove the illegitimacy of so-called Kosovo institutions. Namely, we have proved that nothing can be done by using force and without striking agreement with official Belgrade", Mali said.

He reminded the public that permanent policy of Serbia is to reach compromising and permanent solution to Kosovo issue whith Albanian separatists, but that it is necessary to respect international rule of law.

"Under the present IOTA Charter, only states recognized by United Nations are entitled to become members of this organization", minister of finance stressed, adding that Serbia will in future make all the necessary efforts to preserve institutional legitimacy of its state bodies.

Serbian Tax Administration Delegation in Brussels was headed by Dragana Markovic, Director of Tax Administration, and its main point of contact for IOTA, Snezana Ilic, who successfully addressed this issue, so Tax Administration of Albanian separatistsfrom Kosovo and Metohia, was not admitted into membership of this important international organization.

IOTA General Assembly was held from July 1-5, 2019, while secret ballot decided on its new members.

Tax Administration of the Republic of Serbia is a member of this organization since 2002, and is actively involved in its work. IOTA offers support and assistance to its member states in improving their tax administrations. 

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понедељак, 08. јул 2019.

Albanian separatist Hashim Thachi, a mobster who wants to eradicate Serbs from the Serbian province

This Christmas, Orthodox Christian Serbs were blocked from attending services at their church in Djakovica, a town in Kosovo and Methohija, by an Albanian mob.

#Šiptari  #Albanian #Separatisti #Kosovo #Metohija #Srbija #kmnovine
Church of the Holy Trinity in Djakovica was destroyed in 1999 and burnt to the ground on 17 March 2004. This church shared the destiny of thirty-four other Orthodox churches in Kosovo and Methohija defiled in one day.

By Ruth Gluck

Christians who are brave enough to remain in Kosovo have been denied access to places of worship for years.

Since coming into power, the Albanian separatist regime led by Hashim Thaci, has ethnically-cleansed two-thirds of the Christian Serbian population from their ancestral homes in the Serbian province of Kosovo and Methohija. 40,000 Orthodox Christians and other non-Albanian minorities including Roma and Jews have been expelled from the city Pristina.

Over 150 Serbian Orthodox churches, monasteries, and other cultural sites have been vandalized, set ablaze, and destroyed.

Many Serbs, including the elderly and the young, have been murdered, victims of horrifying acts of unspeakable violence in savage Albanian pogroms.

Eager to eradicate the remaining Orthodox Christian presence in Kosovo, Thaci’s regime has recently prevented hospitals treating Serbs from acquiring sorely needed medical supplies, and has imposed a 100 percent tax on all Serbian products. Albanian militias have enforced the siege of Serbian populated areas by launching raids of stores for goods with Serbian labels. These were burned in public bonfires. 

According to D. Hunter Haynes, the Founder and President of the Orthodox Christian Advocacy Institute (OCAI), the Albanian separatist regime in Kosovo “has nearly managed to rid itself of a 12-centuries-old Christian presence. More than 1,000 Christians have been killed, 250,000 displaced, and 150 churches destroyed.” Haynes writes the Serbian Christians of Kosovo “are fast becoming modern Europe’s non-people.”

Separatist Albanian Hashim Thaci, previously a commander of the Al Qaeda affiliated Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), has been identified by The Council of Europe as the head of a “mafia-like” criminal cartel engaged in heroin, weapons, and human organ trafficking and has turned Kosovo into a hub for the sex slave trade of young women and girls. According to European police, four to six tons of heroin are now trafficked into the EU from Kosovo each month at an estimated value of $2 billion annually.

Albanian graffiti on the wall of a convent in Djakovica reads “The only good Serb is a dead Serb.” At the time the graffiti was placed only 4 elderly Serbian nuns remained at the convent and Kosovo police would not allow Serbs to visit their relatives at the local cemetery.

Muslim Albanians from Kosovo have one of the highest ISIS participation rates in the Balkans, and have been implicated in a number of terrorist plots against the United States, including the murder of two U.S. airmen at the Frankfurt airport in Germany. Lavdrim Muhaheri, an Albanian from Kosovo recently killed by U.S. drone attacks in Syria, was the commander of the “Balkan Brigade” for the Islamic State. In 2016, an intelligence report surfaced that Kosovo is now home to five ISIS training camps where an estimated 300 children, some as young as 7, have been sent by their parents.

Albanian leaders in Pristina, Kosovo’s capital, openly declare their allegiance to neighboring Albania. The border between Serbia and Albania has been effectively removed. In November 2018, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama announced plans to complete the annexation Kosovo and Methohija by 2025. This, however, is only the beginning. Their territorial aims are considerably more ambitious.

The ruins of the Prizren Cathedral Church of Saint Great Martyr George.
Albanian Graffiti reads “death to Serbs”

According to maps in wide circulation, and public statements made by Albanian leaders, “Greater” Albania is to include, not only Kosovo and Methohija, but part of Greece, Montenegro, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and central Serbia.

Despite all of this, the United States recently armed Hashim Thaci’s regime against the advice of NATO allies, enabling him to command a military.

A petition started by The Kosovo Project, a nation-wide network of volunteers spearheaded by two attorneys, calls upon President Trump and the United States Congress to defend the persecuted Christian communities in Kosovo and suspend support for the militarization of the Albanian separatist regime.

See the link: https://www.change.org/p/president-donald-trump-stop-the-persecution-of-serbian-christians-in-kosovo-and-metohija-4753e226-bcc3-4629-84ca-fe12091c1f62.

To do otherwise is to condemn those Christians and other minorities who remain in Kosovo and Methohija to almost certain annihilation, and will threaten the stability of the Balkans.

Ms. Ruth Gluck is a Jewish-American researcher engaged in advocacy on the topics of Kosovo and Metohija and the experience of the Serbian people during the Holocaust. She lived in the former Yugoslavia during the 1990s.

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#Šiptari  #Albanian #Separatisti #Kosovo #Metohija #Srbija #kmnovine

субота, 22. јун 2019.

A Short Book about Nationalism

“A Short Book about Nationalism” by Alexekin Rockowia reveals what actually caused the changes in politics we are witnessing today: changes which can best be described as the rise of nationalism.
#Short #Book #about #Nationalism #Alexekin #Rockowia #politics #fake #news
Alexekin Rockowia

The author provides us with several explanations of this event, from various, not only liberal perspectives, and also points to one overlooked explanation – while demonstrating the bias of some elements of the explanation dominant in the liberal media, and refuting it with a considerable authority.

After these considerations, readers are introduced to what the author calls the “delegitimization campaign against nationalists”, which refers to the overall reaction to their political successes relying for the most part on negative sterotypes and common prejudices against them. Among other things, the question of whether today’s nationalists can be called “fascists” is addressed; and, by the same token, certain ambiguous facts about the Second World War are brought up and reexamined in clear and impartial light.

Another question dealt with in this book is what nationalists are able to offer, especially when it comes to “quick fixes”. We will look at the past and the present, including the incidents having occurred in Africa, in order to understand what “quick fixes” really are and why they are viewed in such negative terms.

Telling myths is another field of conflict between nationalists and liberals. But why are myths so important, and has the time of global myths that liberals are so fond of finally gone? Do myths invented for everyone – such as the myth of America as the “spreader of democracy” – really work or do they need to be replaced by authentic, national myths which exclude other groups and are instrumental in shaping national identity?

These are just some of the issues discussed in Rockowia’s book; along with the informed predictions about the future of nationalism, globalism, and the world political scene in general – which are all the more important, today as more and more countries are going further in dismantling liberal democracy.

The sources used for writing this book were, in fact, mostly liberal, including Sweden’s largest morning newspaper “Dagens Nyheter” and Swedish public radio and television channels. This choice certainly contributed to the author’s goal of being as objective as possible, in an effort to win over liberals as well as to strengthen the legitimacy of nationalists – at a time when they are being constantly accused of spreading the so-called “fake news”.

To find out more about this book, excerpts and the author, or to buy it, visit this page

A Short Book about Nationalism - A Short Book about Nationalism

"A Short Book about Nationalism" by Alexekin Rockowia reveals what actually caused the changes in politics we are witnessing today: changes which can best be described as the rise of nationalism.

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уторак, 18. јун 2019.

Kosovo 20 years of occupation, not liberation - #Kosovo20YearsOccupation

In regard to the current Internet campaign on social networks "Kosovo 20 Years of Freedom", a counter- strike "Kosovo 20 Years of Occupation" launched!

#Kosovo20YearsOccupation is aimed at evidencing 20 years of unpunished crimes against #Serbs and non-Albanians in Kosovo and Metohija occupied by the #NATO Pact in the past 20 years!

When posting articles on social networks, regarding the publication of specific crimes, ie cruelty, murder torture demolished sacred sites, cemeteries, excavated graves stolen remains and kidnappings... all in the presence of the so-called peacekeepers, #KFOR, the #NATO forces and the United Nations Mission. We will show and remind you of the crimes that have taken place during these 20 years, where there is no "liberation" but occupation of Kosovo and Metohija!

Each of you can contribute towards this when posting on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook publications and links of these crimes, links can be in English or a foreign language. The aim is to show the world, and add #Kosovo20YearsOccupation or simply, share one of our posts!

#kosovo20yearsoccupation hashtag on Twitter

See Tweets about #kosovo20yearsoccupation on Twitter. See what people are saying and join the conversation.

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понедељак, 10. јун 2019.

Serbian Church Defeats US Agenda in Ukraine but Not in Serbia – Yet

The importance of comedian Volodymyr Zelensky’s victory in the second round of Ukraine’s presidential election is not that he won but that incumbent Petro Poroshenko lost – badly.

#James #George #JATRAS #Vladika #Artemije

Author: James George JATRAS

The nervousness of Poroshenko’s western patrons (and his client, in the case of US Special Representative Kurt Volker) at losing their faithful factotum is evident. For example, the Atlantic Council immediately called for “technical assistance to help [Zelensky] shape the transition, connect him with Western experts, and begin a dialogue.” Translation: Let’s make sure this new chief keeps the Indians on the reservation.

In the same vein, Poroshenko and his parliamentary cronies moved fast to try to ensure that Zelensky’s freedom to govern would be restricted. Immediately following the vote, legislation was advanced in the Verkhovna Rada to transfer powers from the president to the Rada (and hence to the prime minister), to limit the president’s power to appoint cabinet ministers, to lock in exclusive official use of the Ukrainian language, and to impair Zelensky’s ability to call early elections (his new Servant of the People party currently holds no seats). Predictably no western government or “democracy” watchdog group has cried foul over these blatant attempts to clip the wings of the voters’ overwhelming favorite. Nothing to see here folks – now let’s get back to regime change to install “democracy” in Venezuela …

Even without obstructionism from the old guard it’s doubtful Zelensky can achieve much. During the campaign, parallels were drawn to fellow “outsider” Donald Trump and his improbable 2016 win. Whatever Trump’s intentions to #DrainTheSwamp and institute an #AmericaFirst policy, they have come to naught in the face of a united, bipartisan establishment. If anything the Kiev “Swamp” facing Zelensky is worse than the one that bested Trump in Washington – in fact, it’s fair to say that the former is to a great extent just a function of the latter. Whatever his intentions and personal qualities, which remain in doubt, Zelensky is being set up to be the latest failed president of a failing state.

However, one area in which we can expect some improvement is the crisis in the Orthodox Church, which last year was plunged into an ugly schism over Ukraine. As noted earlier, while many people, especially some of a secular mind who scorn mere “religion,” tend to underestimate the importance of spiritual matters in relation to politics and society, there are some parts of the world where they are taken very seriously. Paradoxically, this is especially true in parts of eastern and central Europe that until recently were under the sway of militant atheists. Indeed, that legacy – and the eventual failure of communism – seems to be a factor in Christianity’s revival as a potent societal force in much of that region, in most cases allied with national identity, in sad contrast to progressively secularizing (and morally self-destructing) western Europe and North America.

Without repeating all the details here, Poroshenko had sought to create his very own “Orthodox Church of Ukraine” as a prop for his reelection bid with the enthusiastic (and reportedly monetary) involvement of the US State Department and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew in Constantinople, along with cheerleading from the global LGBT lobby (itself weaponized against Christianity by western governments and the Soros network). Under Poroshenko’s and Patriarch Bartholomew’s patronage, the “Robber Council” of Kiev on December 15, 2018, purported to transform a hodgepodge of schismatics into a new “autocephalous” Ukrainian church, though in fact the new illegitimate body would be totally subject to Constantinople, with even less independence than that enjoyed by the existing, canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC). Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, who heads the Russian Orthodox Church, of which the UOC is an autonomous part, responded by breaking communion with Constantinople.

While Zelensky has met pro forma with the supposed primate of the phony church – as well as with the first hierarch of the canonical Church, Metropolitan Onufry – for obvious reasons he’s unlikely to involve himself too deeply insustaining his predecessor’s pet project. That project now seems to be failing quicker than anyone had dared hope. Not a single autocephalous Orthodox Church has responded positively to Constantinople’s call to recognize the new entity.

Perhaps most significantly, recently the Patriarchs of Alexandria, Antioch, and Jerusalem gathered on Cyprus with the Archbishop of that country’s Church, ostensibly to discuss problems of Christians in the Middle East. Thankfully, they seem to have resolved a schism between Antioch and Jerusalem unrelated to the Ukraine imbroglio, but by all indications Ukraine was the real purpose of the meeting – with Constantinople pointedly absent. To the extent that the rift between Moscow and Constantinople threatened to break down globally along ethnic lines with “Greeks” on the one hand and Russians or “Slavs” generally on the other, the conclave of the culturally Greek Churches seems to have averted that danger. The Church of Albania, also largely Greek, has also strongly criticized Constantinople.

Hopefully, we will soon see floated an initiative to give Patriarch Bartholomew a face-saving way to back down from his misstep in Ukraine. Sadly, he as yet shows no sign of doing so, despite the Ukrainian schismatics’ he has taken under his wing having given him more than ample grounds to disavow them.

Among the strongest bulwarks against the schismatic schemes of Kiev, Constantinople, Washington, and the Soros/LGBT network has been the Serbian Orthodox Church, based on a principled rejection of Constantinople’s anti-traditional, neo-papal claims. The vehemence of the Serbian Church’s stand on Ukraine also reflects particular internal threats Serbia faces from politically motivated schismatic groups that could provide tempting targets for meddling by Patriarch Bartholomew and his western backers. These include the “Macedonian Orthodox Church,” which claims to be independent of the Serbian Church but is recognized by no other Church (and where state authorities in the NATO puppet and newly renamed “Republic of North Macedonia” harass the canonical Autonomous Archbishopric of Ohrid), as well as attempts to create a separate “Montenegrin Orthodox Church.” In this context, never far from anyone’s consciousness is the formation of an ersatz “Croatian Orthodox Church” in 1942 under the World War II-era regime of Ustaša dictator Ante Pavelić, as a cover for the genocide of Orthodox Serbs in the so-called “Independent State of Croatia.”

Thus, the approaching failure of Poroshenko’s, the State Department’s, and Patriarch Bartholomew’s project in Ukraine is a victory not only for the Orthodox Church as a whole but for the Serbian Church in particular. The Archpastors and faithful of that Church deserve praise for their bold witness. That said, it is unfortunate to note that at the same time the same hierarchs (Orthodoxy does not regard any bishop or synod of bishops as infallible) have failed to correct a grave injustice within their own Church – one evidently prompted from Washington, the very same point of origin as the Ukrainian crisis.

I refer to the 2010 removal without an ecclesiastical trial of His Grace, Bishop Artemije from his Eparchy of Raška and Prizren, which includes the province of Kosovo and Metohija, and his later (purported) reduction to the status of a simple monastic. The ostensible reasons for the action taken against Vladika Artemije are allegations against him and Fr. Simeon (Vilovski) concerning improper use of funds earmarked for repairs to places of worship (to put Serbian churches and monasteries in good order for further vandalism and destruction from NATO-empowered Albanian Muslim militants) for lobbying in Washington, starting in 2006, on behalf of his flock and against western plans to separate Kosovo from Serbia. As the lead lobbyist for that effort, I can personally attest to the emptiness of these accusations, on which I have written in detail (for example, available here in English and in Serbian). The charges against him are unfounded, which is why, in addition to suffering at the hands of the Holy Synod in Belgrade, Vladika Artemije has never been brought to trial by state authorities despite an ongoing campaign of defamation and legal harassment that continues to this day.

Why has he been treated this way? First, because he has been openly defiant of the bogus charges labeled against him. Unwilling to “repent” for allegations of wrongdoing he has not committed, he insists that he is the true Bishop of the Raško-Prizrenska Eparchy in Exile – leading to his being falsely being accused of schism. Second, he is an outspoken opponent of ecumenism, which offends many in all Orthodox jurisdictions, which sadly are infected with this spiritual malady to a greater or lesser degree.

But the chief reason is flatly political. Vladika Artemije was punished for his forthright opposition to US and NATO policy in Kosovo and his spearheading the lobbying effort to oppose creation of that terrorist-mafia pseudo-state (and hotbed of Islamic jihad) under NATO protection. In addition, he sued the NATO powers in the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, and in 2009 sought to bar a visit by then-US Vice President and current 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden (a belligerent proponent of war against Serbs in Bosnia and Kosovo and of detaching Kosovo from Serbia, not to mention a Ukraine profiteer via his son Hunter Biden) from visiting Visoki Dečani monastery – a decision overturned by the Serbian Church at the behest of the Serbian government, then headed by western quisling Boris Tadić.

But the final push evidently came from the US military. The proof of Vladika’s effectiveness is in the fact that there is reason to suspect that the campaign to eliminate him as an obstacle to Western policy was undertaken in direct response to a NATO, and specifically US, initiative. As reported by NATO, US Admiral Mark P. Fitzgerald, then Commander, US Naval Forces Europe and Africa, and Commander, Allied Joint Force Command (JFC) Naples, “with operational responsibility for NATO missions in the Balkans, Iraq and the Mediterranean,” took part in meetings in Kosovo in January 2010 (“JFC Com Visits Kosovo,” with this link now evidently pulled down from the Naples Command website; note, this occurred on January 8, the second day of Orthodox Christmas according to the Julian Calendar) and on February 2010 (“JFC Commander visists [sic] Viskoki [sic] Decane [sic] Monastery,” also now pulled down). During his January 2010 visit Admiral Fitzgerald (who retired later that year, becoming, unsurprisingly, a consultant “with numerous defense and commercial maritime and aviation contractors”) publicly stated that he considered Serbian so-called “parallel institutions” – that is, the legitimate structures of the sovereign Serbian state, as opposed to the Albanians’ illegal separatist administration installed under NATO patronage – to be a “security threat” to the NATO occupying forces. Further, an unconfirmed report indicates that a high NATO officer (whether Admiral Fitzgerald or someone else is not specified) stated in the course of one of the January meetings (this is verbatim or a close paraphrase) “What we need here is a more cooperative bishop.”

While it is impossible to authenticate this report definitively or firmly identify the speaker of the comment the timing is highly indicative. Just over a month after Admiral Fitzgerald’s earlier visit, and just before his later one, Vladika Artemije’s authority over his Eparchy was “temporarily” suspended. This was followed by his physical removal from the province of Kosovo and Metohija and by a declaration of the Holy Hierarchical Assembly of the Serbian Orthodox Church that he had been stripped of the episcopal dignity and reduced to the status of a monk. (For further accounts of relevant western pressure on Serbian Church and state authorities, see “ANY PRETEXT WILL DO: Totalitarianism in Service to the West: Serbia Betrays God, Helps Evict Last of Kosovo Christianity,” by Julia Gorin; the speaker in question is identified, perhaps imprecisely based on available information as “a KFOR officer”; and “Eleven Years Later: NATO Powers Prepare Final

Solution In Kosovo,” by Rick Rozoff.)
James George JATRAS
Analyst, former U.S. diplomat
and foreign policy adviser
to the Senate GOP leadership

In sum, Vladika Artemije was victimized by the same aggressive, anti-Christian western powers who now seek to use the Ukrainian schism as a political and moral weapon against Orthodoxy, with compliant Serbian government and Church authorities acting on their behalf. With the effort in Ukraine visibly withering, and with it Washington’s ability to meddle in Orthodox Church affairs, it is long past time for the Holy Hierarchical Assembly of the Serbian Orthodox Church to rectify the injustice done to Vladika Artemije. May they now display the same courage and commitment to principle in this matter that they have shown with respect to Ukraine.

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