Приказивање постова са ознаком Kosovo-Metohija. Прикажи све постове
Приказивање постова са ознаком Kosovo-Metohija. Прикажи све постове

понедељак, 17. фебруар 2020.

Understanding Slavonic Peoples Who Still Resist Western Forces with Genocidal Plans

Why did Western countries bomb Serbia with uranium and help Muslims in Bosnia and Serbian province of Kosovo?

Most of the bombed targets in 1999 were not military, first and foremost civilian,
then industrial and just then military.

Because, if Serbs remained free and strong, they would never allow to Western forces to go once again against Russians who lost 30 millions young men in WW II - Russians and Serbs are Slavonic people who fought together (but in the territory of ex Yugoslavia these were Serbs predominantly, to be honest) in all wars against Western invaders with ''Endlösung'' plans!

Slavonic people speak all similar languages like Polish, Ukrainian, Bielorussian, Russian, Czechian, Slovakian, Bulgarian, Serbian (with Bosnian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Croatian dialects).. and they live in vaste rich spaces over Europe and Asia that Romans, Crusaders, Napoleon, Hitler, Vatican and NATO wanted to conquer! Militarily, it was never possible, until last attack in 1999 when Serbia was bombed with uranium, its petrol and all infrastructures and industry savagely burned down and the Serbs were deceived according to the CIA plan, which funded the "The October 5 Revolution", after which it imposed its hearers in all the important places in the country and by treachery, therefore only from the inside, succeeded in achieving its plans bu dividng them!

The same forces who supported Hitler, Napoleon, Crusaders, Romans... are still alive - Vatican's Jesuits' diplomacy is working hard on creating consensus to go once again to East and rob Slavonic people! All European countries worked for Hitler's war machinery - even Ford's factories produced tanks for Hitler; Goldman-Sachs Bank financed Hitler too!

And... Auschwitz was liberated by Russians, not Americans!

When Japan attacked Chine in 1931 - it was not the beginning of the WWII? No!

When Italy attacked Ethiopia in 1935, it was not beginning of WWII either?

German annexation of Czechoslovakia in 1938 was no reason to declare war on Germany?

But, when Nazi Poland, that represent catholized Slavonic people
the same as the population in the former Yugoslav republics of Slovenia and Croatia, was attacked - that was ''beginning of the WW II''? Why? Because, REAL CRIMINELS HAVE TO REMAIN IN DARK - real criminals are still working AGAINST OUR FREEDOM and TRUTH. They bring false history to cheat on you!

Actual NATO’s eastward expansion and large-scale drills near Russian borders may lead to unpredictable consequences.

. ~

Meddling/Destroying Ukraine: HERE⇗

Destroying Bulgaria: HERE⇗

Destroying Serbia:

Now, Muslim migrants are used against Serbs in the Balkans - have a look HOW BOSNIA IS ISLAMIZED (in Serbian): HERE⇗


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The war that does not end - КМ Новине

More than a decade and a half after the US-NATO - under international law illegal - war aggression against Yugoslavia using highly toxic and radioactive uranium projectiles, the enormity of this war crime becomes clear: In Serbia, aggressive cancer among young and old has reached epidemic proportions.


Poland invited Germany to celebrate the 80 anniversary of the beginning of World War II - КМ Новине

Poland invited Germany to celebrate the 80 anniversary of the beginning of World War II #Germany #Russia #Poland #Serbia #WWll #Mark According to press service of the president of Poland, the republic invited Germany to celebrate the 80 anniversary of the beginning of World War II, but did not invite Russia.


Kosovo 20 years of occupation, not liberation - #Kosovo20YearsOccupation - КМ Новине

In regard to the current Internet campaign on social networks "Kosovo 20 Years of Freedom", a counter- strike "Kosovo 20 Years of Occupation" launched! #Kosovo20YearsOccupation is aimed at evidencing 20 years of unpunished crimes against #Serbs and non-Albanians in Kosovo and Metohija occupied by the #NATO Pact in the past 20 years!

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петак, 14. фебруар 2020.

Now, Bosnian Muslims Clean Ethnically Graveyards in Sarajevo by removing over 13.000 graves!

How to hide to the world that Serbs have always been living in Bosnia?

#Bosnia #Muslims #Serb #Graves #Removed #Genocide #Death #Crimes
More than 13.000 Serbian graves willl be removed from their original location!

First, destroy their monuments/churches (allready done in the nineties, watch videos below), and destroy or move their graveyards (now going on in Sarajevo): HERE (on Serbian only)⇗ 

We all know, that USA, Vatican, EU and NATO (with 26 countries) have supported Muslims of Bosnia against Serbs who stood alone.

Bin Laden and othe worst terrorists came to help Bosnian Muslims together with US solders and they all created illusion that Bosnian Muslims were autochthon people, while real autochthon people, Serbs, were presented as invaders! Now, Serbian graveyards must be cleansed - otherwise, someone could understand that Serbs have always been living in Bosnia, just as they live in Montenegro, Croatia, North Macedonia... So, dead Serbs have to live Sarajevo's cemeteries... and the criminal Western politics are silent!

Mass crimes were committed by jihadists who came from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Middle East...as well USA, NATO forces who isolated Serbs, bombed them with uranium and blackmailed them for wanting to live on own lands without Islam or occupation terror.

The Truth is: Bosnian Muslims = islamized Serbs by Turkish invaders = Bosnians...

And, now, Vatican's manipulators who are masters in creating false beliefs, have to change your history understanding!





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понедељак, 18. новембар 2019.

Срамно: Албанска певачица и ''Политика'' скрнаве храм Св. Николе код Новог Брда

Албанска певачица Аљбана Азизи снимила је непримерен спот на рушевинама Храма Светог Николе у Новом Брду где је обнажена, са још неколико девојака обучених у албанску ношњу промовисала своју нову песму, пише Политика, али...

 #Црква #Ново_Брдо #Свети #Никола #Скрнављење "Албанци #Шиптари #Косово #Метохија #Екуменизам #Лаж #Зло #Косово, Метохија, Србија
Из шиптарског видео-спота

Новобрдска тврђава и порушени храм у последње време су више пута оскрнављени.

Противно свим, и локалним и међународним законима, без дозволе Српске православне цркве и Срба који чине већину у Новом Брду, албанске сепаратистичке власти су новцем који је издвојила Немачка амбасада из Приштине започеле радове на обнови црквеног комплекса, наводи Политика.

Kад су их окончали дошли су, у јуну, тадашњи квази-премијер, неосуђени ратни злочинац и коалициони партнер Александра вучића на КиМ, Рамуш Харадинај и немачки илегални "амбасадор" Kристијан Хелт те објавили да је реч о католичкој цркви, које аутор Политике назива "регуларним" титулама изостављајући безакоње које чине. Стручна јавност и Српска православна црква су оштро реаговали, малтер се на нестручно окрпљеним зидовима није ни осушио, а у цркви су се појавили бискупи Ђерђ Дода и Зеф Гаши.

„Ми смо овде били пре религије“, закључио је бискуп Дода, присвајајући ову цркву, иако се недалеко одатле налази католичка црква коју је користило становништво средњовековног Новог Брда.

Немачки "амбасадор", суочен са научним доказима, никада није одговорио на више пута поновљена питања „Политике“ где је он заправо био, у православном или католичком храму?

Ако се целој овогодишњој историји понижења на Новом Брду дода сурова прошлост некадашњег седишта српских Митрополита, похаре под Турцима, претварање у џамију, рушење у земљотресу, истраживања у прошлом веку, пљачке и разношење остатака богатог наслеђа Црква Светог Николе је осетљива тачка на којој се јасно виде и џелат и жртва, патетично пише Политика која истовремено - признајући "титуле" свима који ту светињу скрнаве, од "премијера" Харадинаја, преко "амбасадора" Хелта до "владике" Теодосија управо на један изопачени начини даје легитимитет да то чине јер се баве - својим послом. Јер, до доласка свих ових на власт и своје "позиције"  овакве ствари се нису дешавале овако јавно, бахато, смело и често. Ипак, Политика наставља да се представља "бранитељем" док заправо брани насилнике не нудећи нити наводећи праву страну која је оштећена а то сигурно нису сарадници шиптарских сепаратиста.

Тако пише да ништа од свега реченог не мора бити јасно Швајцарској држављанки Аљбани Азизи, само није могуће да у тој уређеној земљи није научила да затражи дозволу за снимање.

Сличан поступак пре пет година имала је и певачица Ера Истрефи у Храму Христа Спаса у центру Приштине. Полугола је плесала на тамној страни свога спота док је лепу страну своје композиције оставила за неке друге зграде и просторе. Дугачак је списак свих који се залажу за рушење или промену намене цркве: универзитет, интелектуалци, студенти, политичари тврде да је реч о „Милошевићевом пројекту“ иако је позната ствар да је Милошевић био против изградње цркве. Шта год да се узме као оправдање на оваквим местима ломиће се судбина односа Срба и Албанаца.

Али остаје и кључно питање: због чега ове урбане, слободне и младе Албанке бирају цркву за своје наступе. Шта их привлачи тамо, како спајају своју модерност са објектима који се нападају као симболи туђег присуства и доминације?

Нека врста награде свакако постоји. Тако "Радио-телевизија Kосова" емитује спот Албане Азизи у ударним терминима. Програм јавног сервиса кроз сепаратистичке (које Политика назива "косовским") поразе плаћају и косовски Срби јужно од Ибра остављени од стране државе Србије (којој и Политика на овај начин служи у таквом настојању не наглашавајући да тај порез не плаћају добровољно) иако га готово и не гледају, али ко брине о томе, јер се нико и не пита кога спот вређа и чија је црква у којој се певачица налази.

Прво се водила кампања да је то албански храм који су преузели Срби, али изгледа да у то Kатоличка црква и Албанци нису сигурни. Да је албански храм, као што тврде, свакако би било неке реакције. За српску православну цркву, храм је без обзира на стање у ком се налази, светиња. У његове темеље је положена повеља, а у православљу нема десакрализације: једном саграђена црква заувек остаје црква.

Огавно је да ауор Политике без устезања пише "нова косовска администрација" без прецизирања да се ради о сепаратистичким квази-институцијама наметнутим на незаконит начин које и данас тако функционишу, сматрају да су Срби нестали, јер је иза етничког чишћења 1999. године остао празан простор, а на њему споменици од средњег века до НАТО бомбардовања. Према том наслеђу она се односи као да су Срби неки давно нестали народ, као на пример Римљани.

С Новим Брдом и Црквом Светог Николе је нешто другачије, јер се српска имања наслањају на зидине овог храма и комплекса, живе ту уз њега. Њихово понижење је највеће, а подизање прага тог понижења не престаје већ 20 година. 

У закључку текста који преносе медији, ван сваке памети се наводи да је против оваквог, демонизованог понашања, "једини начин отпора безусловно трпљење".

Дакле аутор Политике, Живојин Ракочевић, не сматра да се власти државе Србије морају енергично потрудити да се пронађе начин како би се са оваквим злоделима Шиптара престало јер то чине, гле, управо њихови највећи инострани пријатељи - представник немачке државе и коалициони партнер у локалној власти сепаратиста, Рамуш Харадинај!

Пре свега је то зато што и сам учествује управо у тој власти и налази се на платном списку и шиптарских сепаратиста, због чега мора много да води рачуна када и због чега реагује а када то не чини иако би (и лично) морао, а исто тако и наспрам српских власти које све то допуштају да се дешава јер пре него што је актуелни режим заузео власт у Србији, овакве ствари су биле незамисливе.

Ракочевћ тако не п(р)озива сепаратистичку власт да поштује и штити оно што је узурпирала ако жели да себе представи у цивилизованом руху, па чак се то не захтева ни од иностраних мисија и организација надлежних за "заштиту" којечега на Косову и Метохији али ни од узурпатора Епархије рашко-призренске на чијем су челу Теодосије и Савања Јањић - чији је лини пријатељ и сарадник управо Ракочевић, већ се на готово умоболан начин захтева једино од понижених да срамоту и даље "безусловно трпе". Дакле, тражи се једина форма понашања која је омогућила да се све ово дешава и која ће омогућити да се такво стање и зацари. Свеједно, Политика то преноси.

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уторак, 29. октобар 2019.

The war that does not end

Serbia and the Aftermath of US-NATO Uranium Weapons Operation 1999.

More than a decade and a half after the US-NATO - under international law illegal - war aggression against Yugoslavia using highly toxic and radioactive uranium projectiles, the enormity of this war crime becomes clear: In Serbia, aggressive cancer among young and old has reached epidemic proportions. The suffering of the people cries out to heaven. Particularly affected is the south of Serbia and Kosovo. According to the Serbian Ministry of Health, every day a child suffers from cancer. The entire country is contaminated. By harming the genetic material (DNA) generation after generation of malformed children will be born. Knowingly and willfully, a genocide was committed. Until recently, with the help of the media, politicians have withheld the truth from unsettled citizens under pressure from the perpetrators of the genocide. Brave and responsible physicians, former military officials, ex-politicians and scientists have now succeeded in breaking this wall of silence for the benefit of the Serbian people and the many other peoples of the world who share their fate.

Uranium weapons are weapons of mass destruction

When the US used the defoliant agent "Agent Orange" and napalm in Vietnam, the world was appalled. This was no longer war, it was slaughter of the civilian population and sustainable destruction of nature. 50 years later, generation after generation comes to this world severely handicapped (disabled) - born to die. However the arms industry, including the nuclear weapons industry, has been developing its business rapidly since Vietnam. All wars are, according to the legal norms of the Nuremberg Tribunal, illegal wars of aggression and they are becoming increasingly murderous, sneaky, more widespread, (and) more genocidal. So also the first war of the US-NATO on European soil against Yugoslavia 1999. Here, under tacit tolerance of NATO allies - including Germany - the US Army used a weapon of mass destruction which they have already tested in the second Gulf War in 1991 and in Bosnia-Herzegovina 1994/95: highly toxic and radioactive uranium weapons. NATO itself has admitted firing 30,000 missiles with Depleted Uranium (DU), while the Serbian military speaks of 50,000. That corresponds to 10 to 15 tons of uranium.
Since already extensive scientific literature and film footage ("deadly dust") of this war crime are available in German, English and Serbian language (1), here just a few comments. Due to the long degradation process of radioactivity and toxicity, waste from the uranium and nuclear industries - mainly DU from isotope 238 - are stored in secure landfills for a very long time. To reduce the high cost, DU is therefore gladly given free of charge to interested parties such as the military. DU has characteristics that are particularly attractive for the defense industry: The DU projectiles - developed according to German technology (Siegwart-Horst Günther) - have a high penetrating power because of the high density of the metallic uranium (1.7 times larger than that of lead) and are particularly suitable for breaking steel armor and underground concrete bunkers. DU is also a flammable material that ignites spontaneously when penetrating an armor plate and at 3000 degrees Celsius burns to uranium oxide dust while releasing highly toxic and radioactive substances (uranium oxide).

This uranium oxide aerosol with particle sizes in the Nano scale reaches the human body through the air, water and, in the long term, through the food chain.

In the lungs, the DU dust particles are also attached to the red and white blood cells and thus reach all organs of the body, including the brain, the kidney and the testes, so that in many organs cancer is produced and the genetic material (DNA) irreversibly damaged. The strong carcinogenicity of DU is due to the synergistic effects of chemo- and radio toxicity. (2) Through the placenta, the DU can also reach an unborn child and cause serious harm to it. Potential long-term damage includes genetic defects in infants, childhood leukemia, cancer and kidney damage. Since the uranium oxide particles have - due to the heat of combustion - assumed the characteristics of ceramics, they are insoluble in water, they are firmly attached to the body and can develop their radioactive effect for years to come.

War on uranium weapons is knowingly and willfully brought about genocide

For the biochemist Albrecht Schott, DU is an example of interventions in the creation that endanger them existentially and not a weapon against states, but a weapon against the planet. (3) The well-known German journalist and filmmaker Frieder Wagner („Todesstaub“/ "Deadly Dust") referred to uranium weapons as an "extermination weapon" and the victims of these murderous weapons as "the dead of the silent dying". (4) Uranium weapons are the "perfect weapon" to kill masses of people, that is, to commit genocide. Since the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of genocide from1948, is genocide a criminal offense in international criminal law that does not become time- barred. It is characterized by the specific intention of destroying in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group as such. Therefore, the genocide is also referred to as a "unique crime", as a "crime of crimes" or as "the worst crime in international criminal law". (5)

The Australian doctor, nuclear weapons specialist and peace activist Helen Caldicott writes in her book “The New Nuclear Danger” (2002): "It is clear that the Pentagon knew about the health risks long before Operation Desert Storm (2nd Gulf War 1991, author) emanating from uranium-containing ammunition.

Numerous military reports have acknowledged that uranium-238 can cause kidney damage, lung and bone cancer, (non-malignant) lung disease, skin diseases, neurocognitive disorders, chromosome damage and birth defects." (6) For this reason, wars involving highly toxic and radioactive uranium weapons are both war crimes and knowingly and deliberately inflicted genocide - including the war against Yugoslavia in 1999. According to the UN Convention against Genocide, the contracting Parties commit to punish genocide or those who commit genocide, whether they are governing persons, public officials or private Individuals. A large team of lawyers and scientists from Serbia, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, China, England and Turkey are suing NATO for dropping bombs on depleted uranium during the 1999 war against Yugoslavia. This lawsuit will also help the peoples sharing the fate of Serbia. (7)

Aggressive cancers in Serbia reach epidemic proportions 

The bombing of Serbia lasted 78 days. 1031 soldiers were killed, 5173 soldiers and police were wounded, 2,500 civilians were killed - including 78 children - and over 6,000 civilians were wounded. In addition to the DU projectiles, which also showed traces of highly toxic plutonium, other explosive combinations and rocket fuels with certain chemical compounds have been used, which are very toxic in explosions and cause cancer. The rate of these cancers grew from year to year. Also, the number of newborns with deformities and the number of aggressive leukemia cases in children increased. (8) Over a year ago, estimates by the Serbian Association for the Prevention of Cancer were announced: Studies have shown that the use of uranium weapons have caused 15,000 cancers and 10,000 deaths between 2001 and 2010, according to the head of the association and oncologist Prof. Slobodan Cikaric. In total, there were 330,000 cancers in Serbia during this period. The death rate has increased annually since 1999 by 2.5 percent. (9)Already in 2013, Prof. Cikaric said in the newspaper "Blic" that Serbia expected 14 years after the bombing with DU an explosion of cancers of all kinds. (10) He should be right. Transmitted are breakdowns of the immune system with increasing infectious diseases, severe dysfunction of kidney and liver, aggressive leukemia and other cancers (including multiple cancers), disorders in the bone marrow, genetic defects and deformities as well as abortions and premature births in pregnant women like after the Chernobyl disaster. If one reads a Serbian newspaper today or walks over a Serbian cemetery, one notices in the page-long obituaries or grave inscriptions the short lifetime of many dead people. It should read: "Died from the consequences of DU poisoning and radiation."

Сродна слика

Many citizens of Serbia have been severely mentally disturbed by years of compassion for sick relatives and anxious waiting to see if and when they may be caught by one of the most terrible and mostly fatal diseases. Even though most of them suspected the cause of the serious illnesses, there remained a great deal of uncertainty that triggered lasting feelings of stress. From the political point of view, in Serbia as well as in the other DU-infested countries in the Near and Middle East and in the NATO countries themselves one has deliberately not informed the population. They wanted to evade, among other things recourse claims and continue the murderous craft undisturbed. Stress, anxiety as well as depression additionally weaken the already burdened immune system and lead to a higher susceptibility to infections. This is shown by research results of the interdisciplinary Research area of psycho-neuro-immunology (PNI). (11)

The people have the right to truth

In order to make one's own life and that of the family satisfying and prepare for the future, or to decide as a couple, whether or not you want to put children into the world, every citizen must be able to realistically assess the economic, social and political conditions in his country. But he cannot do that if he is deprived of the truth about incidents that can severely affect his life. Therefore, it is a moral obligation of all those who have dealt with the problem of contamination of the country - doctors, scientists, journalists, contaminated military and civilians - to enlighten and assist their fellow citizens.

In addition, the identity of a people is based on the citizens' right to truth and the knowledge of their history. Historians and representatives of other sciences have for that an important contribution to make. The dispute may not be left to them alone. The search for the truth and the enlightenment of the people is also a political task, which is to be solved by political responsibility bearers and under no circumstances can be suppressed by them. Government and Parliament have to position themselves. How can citizens trust a government or people's delegation who deprive them of the truth about a problem that affects them all existentially?


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Die deutsprachige Originalversion des Artikels ist mit dem Titel "Der Krieg, der nicht zu Ende geht - Serbien und die Nachwirkungen des Uranwaffen-Einsatzes der US-NATO 1999" in der NRhZ 631 vom 04.10.2017 erschienen (http://www.nrhz.de/flyer/beitrag.php?id=24205).

Dr. Rudolf Hänsel ist Diplom-Psychologe und Erziehungswissenschaftler. Sie erreichen ihn unter www.psychologische-menschenkenntnis.de 

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субота, 19. октобар 2019.

''They expected me to agree, I didn't: FRY bombing and recognizing Kosovo - a mistake''

Retired Canadian General, former UNPROFOR Commander in Sarajevo, Lewis MacKenzie, reiterates that FRY bombing and recognition of Kosovo were "insane".

#Kosovo, #Metohija, #Bosna #NATO #bombardovanje #Srbija, #Zlločini, #General #Mekenzi #kmnovine
General Lewis MacKenzie

Retired Canadian General, former UNPROFOR Commander in Sarajevo, Lewis MacKenzie, comes to Belgrade on the forthcoming Belgrade Book Fair, in order to promote Serbian edition of his book entitled: "Peacekeeper: The Road to Sarajevo", written 26 years ago, that was a bestseller in Canada.

In an interview for "Politika" daily, he reiterates his views, for which he was often criticized in his country and, above all, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, that genocide was not committed in Srebrenica, but a war crime, that the release of the Hague commander of muslims Bosnia forces in Srebrenica, Naser Oric, is shameful, and that 1999 air raids on Serbia and the recognition of Kosovo Albanian separatists are a big mistake, "insanity".

MacKenzie was UNPROFOR Commander for Sarajevo Sector from 1992 until June 1993 when the Sarajevo authorities requested his replacement.

"They expected me to agree with them on all issues... As my mandate meant being impartial and objective, they were very upset by my comments on particular issues", MacKenzie says.

The Canadian General, who after retiring and returning from Sarajevo in 1997, served briefly as Canada's Deputy Prime Minister, opposed NATO bombing of Serbia and criticized his government for recognizing Kosovo's unilaterally (backed and inspired by USA) declared independence.

"The truth will always upset those who have a different opinion. With the development that took place after the air raids, it is clear that the insane decision to bomb a sovereign country and recognize Kosovo's independence has created a problem, rather than solved it", MacKenzie concluded.

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петак, 18. октобар 2019.

Zoran Vlašković: Nicholas Abbott, a colonial fascist and a murderer of democracy

When Nicholas Abbott, a so called ambassador in Prishtina, is doing the democracy.

#Kosovo #Metohija #Srbija #Priština #Ambasador #Zoran #Vlašković #Fašizam #Kabinet #Zastava #Albanija #Kurti #Murti
Official photo from a meeting of the so-called "ambassador" with Kurti  (visually intervened for illustrative purposes)

By Zoran Vlašković

An alleged British ambassador of Prishtina and so called independent Kosovo has met the next ''Prime Minister of Kosovo'', Albin Kurti in a cabinet under the Albanian flag-which is nothing else but a sign that Kurti, as a winner of this unprecedented parliamentary election, doesn't recognize Kosovo's independence himself.

Well, that isn't really that strange since Kosovo isn't a state and certanly does not fulfill a single requirement to be one.

What is strange, however, is that British ambassador Nicholas Abbot has sat under the Albanian flag on the territory protected by the UNSCR 1244 with the biggest political primitive of the whole Europe-the same Europe that is supposed to be a patrimony of human rights.

Nicholas Abbott is in Prishtina to spread colonialism, anti-democracy and anti-civilisation.

It's not a surprise that Nicholas Abbott came to Prishtina from a colonial England, a state that has killed tens of millions of people-from Hindus to innocent Africans. He is here to drain the blood of the civilians and hurt both Serbs and Serbia using colonial occupation.

British Concentration Camp in Kenya

Nicholas Abbott was brought to Prishtina by pure fascism. UK has made it's embassy in Prishtina disregarding Helsinki Agreement on the 1st of August 1975. It has not followed any of the OSCE's principles, founded on ten acts of the Helsinki Agreement, nor has it followed Vienna's diplomatic convention from 1961. UK has also disregarded the Badinter Arbitration Commitee-which helped Yugoslavia's fall, as well as the UN Charter, a document of the highest law organization in the world. It has disregarded R-1244 which claims that Kosovo and Metohija are under Serbia's sovereignity.

This type of juristic and physical violence by colonialist murderers of the UK can only be defined as pure fascism.

The Duke of Windsor and the Duchess of Wales with Hitler in the 1930s

All of the world's universities will teach you that:
''Violence, was it juristic or physical, is an institutional tool of fascism's external and internal politics''.

So, Britain has used fascism to put a colonial fascist ambassador in Prishtina, who finds it important to sit under the Albanian flag, the flag that used to have the same two headed black eagles during Hitler's occupation.

British ambassador, and all the other ones came to Prishtina using occupation without a single international document.

Occupation, fascism and colonialism are not and will never be legal-so the occupation of Kosovo can also never be legalized.

Since the dawn of time, everywhere in the world, oppressed people have either pushed their occupators to the wall or made them go away.

author-pic Author: Zoran Vlaskovic

He is a long-term journalist for the Serbian newspaper "Jedinstvo", which was published in Prishtina until 1999. He is the winner of several reporter awards for the best journalist of the year. He is the author of three books on Kosovo and Metohija

Today he is a co-author of many media outlets in Serbia and around the globe where Serbian newspapers are published.

He was born and lives in Kosovska Mitrovica.

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уторак, 17. септембар 2019.

Botsan - Kharchenko: Russia does not prefer division of Kosovo & Metohia, but it would not be a precedent either

Russia's ambassador to Serbia Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko has said that Russia generally does not support division of Kosovo and Metohia (with ilegal Albanian separatists), but that he didn't understand the argument that it would be a European precedent either.

#Russia, #Kosovo #Metohia #Serbia #Ilegal #Albanian #Separatists
Botsan - Kharchenko

In an interview with Belgrade's Politika newspaper, the Russian diplomat said that his country did not support any solution for the Kosovo and Metohia problem in advance.

It is only through lengthy negotiations that a compromise can be reached, while "no scheme designed on the outside and forced into acceptance can create a durable foundation," the Russian ambassador said in the Sept. 15 interview for Politika.

Botsan-Kharchenko said that relations between Belgrade and Moscow "seeing an unprecedented rise."

"Serbia holds an important place in Russia's foreign policy, these are long-term interests," the ambassador said.

He also said that "Serbia is indeed a Russian stronghold, as much as Russia is Serbia's," but it's not "Russia's only stronghold, as Russia is developing relations with other European states, too."

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уторак, 10. септембар 2019.

Stephen Lendman: Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Venezuela and Kosovo

Endless US aggression in Syria rages, prospects for restoring peace and stability to the country dim.

#Stephen #Lendman #Russia #Venezuela #Kosovo #Metohija #Serbia
Bill Clinton in occupied Pristina on the 20th anniversary of the NATO aggression on Serbia

The US and its allies continue supplying ISIS and other jihadists with weapons, munitions, and related support.

On Friday, Fars News reported that “a US military convoy comprising 108 trucks, carrying military vehicles and equipment entered Ein al-Assad Air Base of Western Iraq from the neighboring Jordan via Erbil border crossing.”

Regular US convoys deliver weapons, munitions, and military equipment to Pentagon bases in Iraq, Jordan, and Syria.

Iraqi MP Saham al-Mousavi said “ISIL terrorists are massively supported by the US through training, weapons shipments and airborne relocation.”

The same goes for other regional jihadists in Syria and Iraq. According to Syrian military expert Hessam Sho’aib, ISIS terrorists infest Iraq and Syria, the CIA and Pentagon arming, training, and directing them, adding:

“The US has come to know that it cannot conduct any kind of military operation against Iran, and therefore it has resorted to (using) terrorist groups to carry out terrorist attacks as a much cheaper scenario for the region.”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) commented on Pentagon terror-bombing of Idlib province’s deescalation zone — on the phony pretext of striking an al-Qaeda training camp, its fighters supported by the US.

The attack was likely part of the US effort to counter Syria’s offensive in the province against US supported terrorists.

Russia slammed the incident, saying the Pentagon airstrike occurred “without advance notice to Russia or Turkey,” calling the attack “indiscriminate,” causing “great losses and destruction.”

MZ slammed Germany’s response to the Idlib deescalation zone attack, Berlin claiming it lacked “complete information” about what happened.

MZ: “What does this lack of ‘complete information’ mean? What is needed to provide it?”

“When steps were taken in response to the Salisbury incident with no proof whatsoever, we were told that ‘there was adequate information,’ which no one had seen.”

“So when the world saw and the media broadcast that the US attacked Idlib, and that the US also said this, the German Government said there was no complete information about this. How is this possible?”

“Berlin (falsely accuses Russia) of targeted bombing of the civilian and humanitarian infrastructure in Idlib.”

“We have regularly given (its authorities) exhaustive and objective evidence-based explanations concerning the (false) accusations made against Russia.”

Germany is allied with US aggression against multiple countries, Russia combatting it in Syria by aiding government forces eliminate US supported terrorists.

“Venezuela’s radical (US backed) opposition” continues engaging in disruptive activities, MZ explained.

There’s no ambiguity about who invented Guaido, who backs his usurpation tactics.

Trump regime hardliners want Venezuela’s social democracy eliminated, seeking another US imperial trophy, along with gaining control over the country’s vast oil resources.

The US created “parallel government” has no legitimacy, operating in flagrant breach of international and Venezuelan constitutional law.

MZ: “The lack of legal grounds in Washington’s actions is revealed in a perfect way as many of Guaido’s so-called ministers have long been working for organizations sponsored by US NGOs.”

“It confirms once again that the White House is not willing to let the Venezuelan people independently agree on a political settlement to this domestic conflict in strict compliance with the Constitution.”

Separately, MZ explained that “alleged Venezuelan refugees (are) receiving training (in Colombia) to provoke violent acts in Venezuela,” adding:

Many were “transferred to a British military base in Guyana, but the truth is that these are people who came to receive training and integrate sabotage and spy groups.”

In late August, the Trump regime established a so-called Venezuela Affairs Unit (VAU) in Bogota, Colombia.

Its mission is all about aiming to oust legitimate Venezuelan President Maduro, wanting hardline/anti-democratic US-controlled puppet rule replacing him.

MZ: “How can (Trump regime hardliners) speak of the restoration of constitutional order (in Venezuela) when everyone supported by Washington” aims to eliminate it.

Donald Tramp worried about Venezuela
Time and again, on the phony pretext of democracy building, US regimes “promote their own interests (which are totally unrelated to the interests of the peoples and countries in other regions), interfere in the domestic affairs of sovereign states, and use force and illegal unilateral sanctions, bypassing the UN Security Council,” MZ explained.

The US wants all sovereign independent nations transformed into vassal states, by brute force if other methods fail — what the scourge of imperialism is all about.

Kosovo was a casualty of the Clinton co-presidency’s rape and dismemberment of Yugoslavia. It’s run by thuggish, US installed, puppet president Hashim Thaci, an unindicted drug trafficker with ties to organized crime, nicknamed “the snake” for good reason.

MZ: “Kosovo continues turning into a (US supported) terrorist stronghold. A whole territory has been taken away without asking anybody and against the decision of one more sovereign state, Serbia.”

“(We were) told that Kosovo is a land of opportunities. Obviously, the opportunities should not be for terrorists only. Civilians should also have some opportunities.”

They’re terrorized instead — with full US support and encouragement. EU countries go along, rarely ever challenging US imperial aims.

VISIT MY NEW WEB SITE: stephenlendman.org (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


#Stephen #Lendman #Russia #Venezuela #Kosovo #Metohija #Serbia
Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman was born in 1934 in Boston, MA. In 1956, he received a BA from Harvard University. Two years of US Army service followed, then an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in 1960. After working seven years as a marketing research analyst, he joined the Lendman Group family business in 1967. He remained there until retiring at year end 1999. Writing on major world and national issues began in summer 2005. In early 2007, radio hosting followed. Lendman now hosts the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network three times weekly. Distinguished guests are featured. Listen live or archived. Major world and national issues are discussed. Lendman is a 2008 Project Censored winner and 2011 Mexican Journalists Club international journalism award recipient.

Kosovo 20 years of occupation, not liberation - #Kosovo20YearsOccupation - КМ Новине

In regard to the current Internet campaign on social networks "Kosovo 20 Years of Freedom", a counter- strike "Kosovo 20 Years of Occupation" launched! #Kosovo20YearsOccupation is aimed at evidencing 20 years of unpunished crimes against #Serbs and non-Albanians in Kosovo and Metohija occupied by the #NATO Pact in the past 20 years!

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