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Serbia were sentenced to death - says Gianni Viola, legend of Italian free journalism

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In his book "The Sweet Smell of Imperialism", Viola has an entire completed database of victims, crimes, perpetrators along with names and surnames, as well as damage to Serbia and Montenegro during the NATO aggression, revealing the tiniest of details.

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NATO agression on Serbia 1999. year

  • The work of the Italian journalist Giovanni Viola has been unfairly neglected for far too long in the Serbian public. It is particularly important to note that Viola argued and systematically dismantled the media lies, which were primarily targeted by the US and NATO during the war in the former Yugoslavia. 

By Ivan Maksimovic

The fact that his work was accepted at the Faculty of Political Science in Rome as a verified scholarly thesis emphasizes the value of this work, whose credibility is proved by subsequent events.

At the same time, there is not a comparable database in the Serbian language, it’s not surprising to say that Viola's work contains the most important literary work on the topic of Serbian suffering in the 90's and the hidden truths. Of course, it was not possible in Italy for this to go unnoticed and not bring the author into trouble.

Gianni Viola
Magazine Tabloid is the first Serbian media outlet to bring an exclusive interview with Giovanni Viola to their readers. Viola an Italian journalist who for 30years has been independently engaged on enlightening the extremely vague politically period of contemporary Serbian history, especially in the West, and that is certainly not an easy task for prestigious institutions.

Events on the ground of former Yugoslavia bought Viola closer to unexpected life circumstances by the early nineties. His father, Karmelo Viola (died in 2012), was the editor of a prestigious Italian magazine "Previsioni" founded in the sixties. Due to the fundamental and bold approach to the political situation in the world at that time, the magazine was distributed and available in many parts of the world. As a result, Viola was informed of all major events, often even before they happened.

"... The main reason for my interest in the then Yugoslavia is a connection with one date and one precise event: the CIA's 1990 secret report published on the Yugoslav Day of the Republic on November 29. (known as National Day or Proclamation Day)" Viola recalls in a conversation for Magazine Tabloid.

One of that kind report July 1, 1990, Source CIA⇗
"That report, was like a morbid type of signal: " We will destroy you ", It was announced that during the next 18 months Yugoslavia would be shaken by the escalation of violence, as written in the documents -" with a great opportunity "to turn into a civil war. The document written by the CIA specifies that "the Yugoslav experiment had failed and the state will be destroyed, “adding that it will most likely be accompanied by explosions of ethnic violence and rebellions that will definitely lead to a civil war." In the report, the CIA is precise and it defined that President Milosevic must be accused of being "the main culprit" in future Yugoslav conflicts.

This "secret" report was written after the United States passed laws 101-513 by the US Congress on November 5, 1990⇗. The new law provided for the provision of funds for international operations and, in this case, the securing of funds to the leadership of the various Yugoslav republics on the basis of political criteria, with the rule that support is given to secessionists.

The law, which practically brings "the death penalty" to Yugoslavia: Concludes Viola.

It was not the only event that had directed him from the direction in which the merciless wind of imperialist interests were sweeping and creating states on the territory of former Yugoslavia.

"...At the moment when I understood what was actually happening in Yugoslavia, I received a report published during the 1995 Dayton Talks from the State Department -" Bosnia Fact Sheet: Economic Sanctions Against Serbia and Montenegro "comes up, explaining that "the sanctions significantly contributed to the fall of Yugoslavia. Industrial production and wages have fallen by 50% since 1991. It further writes:" The weakening of sanctions have become a priority for the government of Yugoslavia". Practically, the blackmail has been successful and now we can continue to work!

In detail, in order to realize this plan, the United States intervened by sending weapons to anti-Serb-tailored nationalists, media coverage of the crimes committed by the same nationalists and the purpose being was to transfer the burden of responsibility to Serbs. The way, it was organized and secretly carried out, was by arms and ammunition and drugs trade, from which the profit was channelled to fund attacks on Serbs.

It should be noted that, the same mechanism was applied in Nicaragua, where Contras (local rebels) were financed by drug trafficking in California. Notably in Kosovo and Metohija there were those same persons, CIA mercenaries, like American William Walker, who was already known for organizing the "death squadron" in San Salvador!

William Walker (in the middle of the) among the yahwal Albanians

On one occasion, military analyst, Gianandre Gaiani wrote: "... Seeing close contacts and reports from Kosovo Albanian terrorists and State Department from Washington, it is entirely possible that the Racak massacre was designed and exaggerated by the CIA and the" KLA " with the complicity of Walker, collecting bodies from different regions of Kosovo and Metohija, belonging to "KLA"  terrorists (proven by Serbian and Belarusian doctors that most of these corpses had residue of gunpowder in their palms) or persons killed in different circumstances, mutilated or dismembered to make the work of medical investigators more difficult. It was the most effective performance of provoking horror and outrage in the Western public opinion to prepare the ground for NATO military intervention."

Viola argues every hint of "coincidence" in events that represent the turning point, and details of the crime, such as a planned massacre at the Sarajevo market, justified by foreign media or the enemy side, even NATO forces against Serbs on the ground.

"... The first thing I discovered when I started exploring what was happening in Yugoslavia was the work of misinformed type. Everything was done to create falsified" evidence "of events that never happened, for example, the existence of a plan for ethnically motivated rape, which never existed, but also for those crimes that happened, most likely conceived and accomplished by the non-Serbs, Croats, Bosniaks, (Bosnian Muslims), Kosovo Albanians and so on ... All these crimes are represented in the media as the crimes of the Serbs. We know about the Markale massacres for which the Serbs were accused of and the crimes committed by the Muslims from Bosnia.

Therefore all of this was done to so that the guilty are "acquitted" in terms of real the real crimes carried out untoward Serbs, but also using the same crimes in order to aggravate the position of the "criminals" or "evil Serbs".

A symbolic event published by Newsweek, dated January 4, 1993, used photographs of dead Serbs to portray "Muslim victims" also on August 7, 1993. The "New York Times" published a photo of "Croats desperately fleeing Serb brutality, in actual fact, the killers from that fragment were Bosnian Muslims.

In addition, the same tactics were used in South America and later applied in Kosovo and Metohija, so in Yugoslavia the use of the term "ethnic cleansing", "genocide", "ethnic rape", "concentration camps" began... by the dozens, then by hundreds of falsified news created on the orders of the US Government and on "use and exploitation" of the Croats and Bosnians the Albanians from Kosovo and Metohija, in the west, are wrongly named "kosovarians" as if they were the only ones present in Kosovo and no other nationality, least of all Serbs!

A reminder from a false camp
Much of the "news", which was subsequently confirmed to be falsified, I quote the case: "Concentration Camp of Serbs from Trnpolje"⇗, 'journalist - sniper' Roy Gutman, the famous Pulitzer Prize winner.  "Bombing of Ljubljana" (1991), the demolition of the historic old town of Dubrovnik (1991), the Serbian occupation of Bosnia (1992), mass rapes in Bosnia by Serbs (1993), napalm bombs on Bihac by Serbs (1994); and finally different massacres, true but "exaggerated", that happened in Bosnia. For example  Merkale - market in Sarajevo (1992), lines for "waiting for bread" (1995), and "mass graves of Orahovac" in Kosovo (1998), all this is attributed by the Serbs" lists Viola.

At the end of the extensive research carried out, based on the data obtained from the highest state and military services on the damage done by the Western aggressors in 1999 on the whole of the territory of the then Yugoslavia, Viola’s indisputable evidence shows that "80% of affected targets were civilian, and over 1,000 targets were without any military importance.

As well as the fact that three to seven tanks were completely destroyed and eighty affected, 5 civilian airports, 328 elementary schools, 25 faculties, 15 university buildings, 20 student dormitories, 50 hospitals, 23 monasteries, 32 churches, 4 cemeteries, 15 museums , 5 television stations, 44 radio repeaters, 61 bridges, 19 railway and main stations, 34 bus stations, 13 airports, 200 industrial plants, 23 refineries (fuel depots), 28 agricultural centers and food industry facilities, 21 consulates or embassies;  62% of the total road infrastructure and 15 main roads, 70% of the main power plants, 80% of the oil processing capacity, and so on, and so on.

Research shows, based on concrete data, the damage to Serbia during the NATO aggression, is close to 200,000 billion dollars. Production then dropped by 27%. As a result of that, people without a job reached 500,000. In Kosovo and Metohija itself, NATO caused the destruction of 47,000 houses, which directly caused 720,000 people to become homeless. 

In addition to this, Viola dispels another NATO myth that the aggression in 1999 was aimed at stopping Milosevic and his regime.

"...The number of victims proves that the war was conducted first against the people. The civilians killed in the aggression are close to 1,800. According to Zivadin Jovanovic, the then minister of foreign affairs of the FRY, states the number was 1,200 by the April. This is judging by some sources from Yugoslavia. The Serbian press unofficially talks about two to three thousand dead. Ironically on this occasion NATO does not inflate the numbers as it’s usually accustomed to doing. In fact it decreased its numbers to 400. A third of the total numbers of those killed were children. The total number killed should also include those who were killed later by NATO cluster bombs.
According to the official data of Yugoslavia, the number of wounded civilians, were around 6,000, out of which 2,000 were totally invalid, among them 30-40% was children. Another source, not Serbian, states 15,000 wounded Serbs, while NATO claims the number of killed soldiers are around 5,000, and 6,000 to an unofficial source from Serbia.

Of all 40,000 Yugoslav soldiers then present the highest number killed were those in Kosovo and Metohija, "says Viola accounting only part of the data of the final outcome.

These numbers speak of the commitment and energy that Viola had to possess to preserve his work. Not only were the scope and the complexity of the data the problem, but also the power of the "opponent" for whom it was intended.

"... Finding and collecting documents related to the political situation of a state under the pressure of the imperialist type, is always very difficult. In particular, we must take into account the fundamental role played by secret services, such as the CIA," Viola stresses.

"...They were not directly agitated - except in some situations - they were always under the cloak of the agencies created for those cases. One of them is "Ruder & Finn Global Public Affair" (the US company for" global cominitiation in sweepstakes, as they say ), whose director James Harf (interviewed by Jonathan Ramatti, director of the "Jerusalem Institute for Western Defense") says: "18 months", in other words, the exact period foreseen by the 1990 CIA, of which I have already talked about,  "We have worked for the Republic of Croatia and for Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as for the opposition in Kosovo. Through all this time, we have achieved a lot of success, building an extremely powerful international image." We intend to use all of this and develop commercial agreements with these countries mentioned above. The speed is essentially important because in public opinion it is necessary to determine which attributes are good for our goals. That first phase is important, the denial has no effect."

With such premise, it was logical to not trust all the news that was published in the press, and served by NATO, and in the meantime try to find authentic news only through alternative sources that came from Yugoslavia, without western censorship. In this context, the first organic document that I was able to get came to me directly from the office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia through the Military Embassy Office in Rome, of course using the "Yugoslav Daily Survey" newsletter from the same diplomatic post. Other important documents came from a highly efficient information agency, the "National Coordination for Yugoslavia".

The result of this extensive work has been instantly recognized in Italy, Viola says. The book was supported with enthusiasm, both from the daily press, as well as from periodicals. Above all, from some groups of people who are fighting against imperialism - they made a video presentation broadcast by local Roman television (Teleambiente), with excellent intervention by Miriam Pelegrini Feri, also a famous fighter against imperialism.

Viola received literary awards for his work on media propaganda against the Serbs such as that of the Cultural Society "Pegasus Cattolica", the International Literary Prize of the City of Rome, which was designated as "Special Essay Award" (2011). Among other things, it is often cited for the list of military bases stationed in Yugoslavia during the wars and beyond, Il Faro sul Mondo (a journal devoted to international politics) Il Buio, Il Sole 24 Ore, Russian Sputniknews, Libereidee (Website of Free Thoughts) where he received excellent reviews, Sitomontedragone, on the internet forums of Il Semplicissimus, Scintilla Rossa, WikiVividly, on blogs visited in the western part of the world have a considerable influence L'altraversionedeifatti, Le fortificazioni militari, Ilblogdilameduck, Il Nuovo Mondo, admired on the Italian site for the fight against false information ComeDonChisciotte. org (like Don Quixote), and many other places.

From the negative reactions, Viola states are only when it is said that: The author, in relation to the subject, or topic, He does not hesitate to take the side of the unpopular and slightly objective, therefore, all the collected data can be criticized and unusable for systematic studies. "He did not experience this as an objective examination of his work, but as a global phenomenon of the diversion of intellectual institutions to a political dictation:

"This" judgment "is a synthesis of the valuation carried out in Brescia Library by the Jury of the Quality Award at the 9th Contest of the Microdrive Italy 2011. It can be said that this stance among other things displayed without any, and least element of evidence for what is stated, a sign of the state of stiffness and where the so-called institutional culture has sunk, which has lost every connection to reality, and is reduced to a level of pure political reaction. Indeed, the book is defined - on the website "Contro" as - "the superb work of remarkable contour information"! And the research was accepted and adopted as a thesis at the Department of Political Science LUISS from Rome", Viola pointed out with justified pride.

Within his thesis lies concrete proof, particularly the truth surrounding Slobodan Milosevic who in 2016, 17 years after the war in Kosovo and Metohija was exonerated by the Hague Tribunal. "The Hague confessed his innocence and acquitted him of all criminal charges, including that of criminal acts against Kosovo Albanians".

"Milosevic was liquidated in 2006 during the burlesque judicial hearing which was launched by Carla del Ponte.  Her position during the trial is one which she today regrets.  That, beyond any doubt, gives glimmer and hope for the book about which is to be done," Viola concludes in a conversation with Magazine Tabloid.

Regardless of the fact that the investigation of events in the territory of Yugoslavia is not directly related with domestic interests, it was not easy to publish such a book in Italy. Viola also encountered other problems, he was being closely followed and indirectly vigorous pressure was put upon him.

"... Of course, I encountered many problems, especially when I was looking for a publishing house. Many refused to publish it, arguing that the book was too openly pro-serbian written, although that, of course, is not true because the goal of my research was to get to the truth logically even if these facts support one side. My obligation is to apprehend the truth without fear that it will not be tolerated by strong forces! In one specific case - which I will not quote political jurisdiction for - the secretary of a very well-known leftist journalist, said that "the text is not well written because it presents the facts in a confusing way." In fact the only reason, the book was so rated was that it was not written by them. In Italy, the saying is: "where he failed there is envy”.

I’d like to mention the circumstances, during the period in which I conducted this research, all my paper correspondence,  was delivered by hand, not by the postman, but directly in the Post Office and always after a formal telephone call. On the occasion when post was delivered to me it came ruffled and torn, for a while it even unexplainably was destroyed by water - then resealed, so as not to be noticed. Each time I had to sign that I had seen the package or letter arrive, and "I accept to take it in such state". Let's say that these are some of the scenic situations that have taken place," recalls Viola. Today, he should be living peacefully with his performance. Even besides the book about the hidden truth of crimes against the Serbs he is very disgruntled. Viola has no plans to retire. On the contrary:

"I intend to complete, within the framework of the same project a "shorter investigation" of US military actions all over the world, starting from 1783 to the present day, and I hope to deepen the analysis of the US military presence in Italy, starting from the list of previous discussion, "announced this Italian giant of independent journalism.
"The Sweet Smell of Imperialism"

His book "The Sweet Smell of Imperialism"⇗ has been published and translated into several other languages. It’s on sale in bookshops in Spain, France, and in the last 10 years throughout Italy but not as yet in Serbia. This fact strongly suggests, given the secrecy this work contains, and is hidden from the domestic public, that the experiment on our people and the state is not over.

Serbian patriots and enthusiasts, who currently reside in Italy, are already working on the translation of this book, and its version in Serbian can soon be expected. Viola has welcomed this news with special enthusiasm, expressing his full readiness to help in every which he perceived as acknowledgment of his work so far.

(The author thanks Mrs. Gordana Soprana
for her technical assistance and translation from Italian)

https://www.gmail.com/imaksmax@gmail.comauthor-picAuthor: Иван Максимовић   l     Contact

After several years of cooperation with the leading Serbian magazines and the media, with the beginning of the crisis in the north of Kosovo (june, 2011.) he started to report independently. The reason for this was the fact that all media reported partly or completely incorrectly about these events. Due to his method of reporting, he was called "a peoples journalist".

At the time he thought that this engagement would only last until the crisis lasted. He has remained active until today.

He was born and lives in Kosovo and Metohija, Serbia.

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